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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Fundamentals, Methods, and Organisation of Modern Project Management

May 5—7, 2020
3 days
Frankfurt, Germany
EUR 2000 ≈USD 2245
EUR 666 per day

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Learning Target

Through project examples from real life praxis, you will learn to apply methods of responsible project leadership. You know the fundamentals of project management, the necessary steps of project preparation, and can recognize the factors that influence project success. You will gain comprehensive professional project management competences and significantly strengthen your confidence to act during the project. You will get to know in a practical way the essential fundamentals for efficient project management. You will be able to plan your project in a goal oriented manner as well as lead and translate the plan into practice. You will gain confidence in planning and the ability to sustainably support project success


Fundamentals of Project Management

  • Central process groups, areas of knowledge, and success factors Project Life-Cycle and Phase Model Working with Goals

  • Goal groups, goals, and project structure Work Structure

  • Structure and schedule, deadline and resource planning, communication and information planning


Interactive lecture, group work, practical practice activities, reflection

Who should attend

Project staff, project managers, and (future) project leaders


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Introduction to Project Management (Project Management)

Introduction to Project Management Student Perspective: Charlotte

Next dates

Sep 3—4, 2019
2 days
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1255 ≈USD 942
CAD 627 per day
Sep 5—6, 2019
2 days
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1255 ≈USD 942
CAD 627 per day


Practical and effective management techniques for the successful manager

The Introduction to Project Management 2-day course is designed to give new project managers and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects on time and on budget. The course covers the complete project lifecycle, from initial project proposal and definition, through project implementation, and finally to the often neglected project completion phase

What You Will Learn

This course is made up of short lectures, definitive case histories, role plays and theory joined with the latest real life experience. There are small, focused discussion groups that will challenge you, non-traditional assignments that will cause you to question your preconceptions, and plenty of learning-by-doing:

  • Identify and select projects
  • Establish a project framework to complete the project
  • Develop a project charter (authorization)
  • Develop a project plan
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Identify project risk and mitigation strategies
  • Manage a routine project

Program Content

Project Management Fundamentals

What are projects? Why do we do them? In this module, discover the art and science of project management.

  • What is project management and why is it valuable?
  • Project constraints
  • Critical success factors
  • Project lifecycles
  • PM knowledge areas
  • PM processes
  • Project organization and roles

Project Initiation

Defining the "what" and "why"of a project is the first step to success.

  • Preliminary scope statement
  • Identifying objective
  • requirements, assumptions and constraints
  • Project steward: manager or leader?
  • Establish project vision
  • Project charter

Project Planning

Processes and tools to mature the project scope, develop the PM plan and identify and schedule activities.

  • Detailed scope statement
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • network diagrams
  • Critical Path Method
  • Scheduling

Project Execution

Once the plan is established, it's time to execute to achieve the project objectives.

  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Risk prevention and mitigation
  • Communications management
  • Stakeholder identification and assessment

Monitoring and Control

Processes for tracking, reviewing and regulating the progress and performance of the project, including implementing changes as needed.

  • Change control
  • Earned Value
  • Status Reporting

Project Closing

Processes performed to finalize all activities across all Process Groups to formally close a project or phase.

  • Close out activities
  • Knowlege management
  • Close out report

Change Management

Projects by their very nature create change, and experience change as they progress, requiring managers that can lead and be responsive.

  • Project and change integration
  • Human reactions to change
  • Planning organizational change
  • Making change sustainable

Simulation and Course Review

Participants will work in teams to put the knowledge and tools from the previous modules into practice on a simulated project. A course review will wrap up the two days.

Who should attend

The Introduction to Project Management course is ideal for those in any industry or sector who are working on projects. You do not need a university degree to attend. Past participants have included:

  • New managers and project managers
  • Those undertaking unique projects
  • Corporate department heads
  • Property developers and realtors
  • Senior executives with business planning responsibilities
  • Systems, manufacturing and operations personnel
  • Engineering professionals
  • Technology and research managers
  • Event managers
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