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Fundamental Negotiation Skills (LR311)

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About the course

Negotiation is a basic means for resolving conflict and disputes in the workplace, home, and community. In this workshop, you’ll practice fundamental workplace negotiation skills through a series of role plays and experiential learning situations. The workshop covers:

  • Negotiation fundamentals
  • One-on-one approaches to negotiation
  • Small-group negotiation situations
  • Collective negotiations in a workplace setting


  • Become familiar with the basic building blocks of negotiation
  • Learn how to plan a negotiation approach and strategy
  • Practice the communication skills to surface underlying needs and interests
  • Positional and interest-based negotiation approaches

Approach and Features

During this two-day workshop, you’ll gain insight into your own negotiation biases, weaknesses, and strengths, and build confidence and competency through a series of role-plays and simulations. Workshop features include a conflict style diagnostic tool addressing the five common styles of dealing with conflict.

Key Topics

  • Conflict reactions and styles
  • Structuring the negotiation discussion process
  • Collaborative and competitive negotiation approaches
  • Building trust through negotiation

Who should attend

Labor relations, human resource, operations, and finance professionals who represent or support management in workplace negotiations.

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