Foundations of Project Management + Using Microsoft Project

Schulich Executive Learning Centre

How long?

  • 10 days
  • online

What are the topics?

Schulich Executive Learning Centre


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Who should attend

This course and workshop are vital for people involved in project work within public, private, and non-profit sectors, including:

  • New managers and project managers
  • Those undertaking unique projects
  • Corporate department heads
  • Senior executives with business planning responsibilities
  • Systems, manufacturing and operations personnel
  • Engineering professionals
  • Technology and research managers

About the course

Foundations of Project Management+ Using Microsoft Project® is a 6-day program where you will learn how to plan, execute, monitor, control and close all types of projects – on time and on budget. It is applicable to projects across all sectors and you will also learn about Microsoft Project software and other tools to support all your everyday project management activities and keep track of your projects.

Foundations of Project Management + Using Microsoft Project® Virtual Classroom version features both live instructor-led virtual components, as well as pre-recorded videos that will be viewed by participants at strategic points before and during the sessions. Limited homework will be required for pre-recorded video viewing and work required on participants’ own projects. The re-structuring allows the instructor to concentrate on more challenging concepts, as well as discussions, polls, breakout groups and the application of key learning concepts.

Course Structure

  • Course Introduction – Pre-recorded
  • Project Framework – Pre-recorded
  • Definitions, Knowledge Areas, Process Groups – Pre-recorded
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Pre-recorded
  • Business Requirements/Initiation – Instructor Led
  • Project Requirements – Instructor Led
  • Work Requirements – Instructor Led
  • Building the Schedule – Instructor Led
  • Quality and Resources – Instructor Led
  • Project Risk – Instructor Led
  • Stakeholders/Communication – Instructor Led
  • Costs – Pre-recorded
  • Project Execution – Pre-recorded
  • Monitoring and Controlling – Instructor Led
  • Project Close-out – Instructor Led

One follow-up 2-hour session for open discussion and review – Instructor Led (Timing and details to be confirmed in class)

Using Microsoft Project® Workshop

Your projects just got a lot easier to manage thanks to our Microsoft Project® software training workshop. This workshop format is ideal for managers and staff who are looking to improve their skills in using project management software. Featuring Microsoft Project® 2016, Standard Version (MS Project 2013 and 2019 also welcome).

In this three-day workshop, you will be led through practical exercises that illustrate the many features of Microsoft Project® and cover tangible management issues, including:

  • Setting up a project
  • Scheduling and assigning tasks
  • Allocating costs and resources
  • Tracking progress

Don’t miss this workshop – you will wonder why you didn’t learn these project planning techniques and software skills earlier!

Course Structure

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Project Environment
  • Section 3: Setting up a Project
  • Section 4: Developing the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Section 5: Defining the Project Schedule
  • Section 6: Refining the Project Schedule
  • Section 7: Resource Management
  • Section 8: Views, Filters, Tables
  • Section 9: Managing Project Costs
  • Section 10: Resource Conflicts
  • Section 11: Managing and Tracking Projects
  • Section 12: Printing Views and Reports
  • Section 13: Multiple Project Consolidation (Demonstration)

Course Objectives

  • Enable participants to be comfortable in the Microsoft Project Environment as defined in the course structure, including
  • Setting up a project
  • Building a schedule,
  • Adding and managing resources,
  • Managing costs,
  • Managing and tracking the project,
  • Reporting
  • Project consolidation
  • Ensure common pitfalls and mistakes are avoided, that could hinder the management of your project and your resources.


Sandra Martyn

Biography Sandi is President of The Martyn Group, a consulting company specializing in project management training, project design and implementation. She has more than 20 years of experience managing projects in all categories including construction, information systems, production, financial, t...

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Foundations of Project Management + Using Microsoft Project at Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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