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About the course

In the first course of the Professional Certificate in Management program, Foundations of Management, you will explore business management fundamentals, including topics such as coaching for the competitive advantage and creating your own management style. At the end of this eight-week online course, you will have the comprehensive knowledge needed to manage a team, modify employee behavior, appropriately approach and deal with change in the workplace, as well as mitigate and overcome workplace conflict through effective negotiations and communications.

What You’ll Learn

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Managing for Results
  • Behavior Modification
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Putting Your Personality to Work
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Integrative Approaches from "Getting to Yes"
  • What Employees Want in a Job


8 Week Course

Lesson 1 - Responsibility of Leadership

  • Professional Certificate in Management
  • Course Introduction
  • Responsibility of Leadership – Synopsis
  • Responsibility of Leadership – Introduction
  • Admired Leaders
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Proactive Leadership
  • Leadership Behaviors
  • Vision and Inspiration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Change
  • Responsibility of Leadership
  • Summary

Lesson 2 - Effective Supervisors and Issues in Management

  • Effective Supervisors and Issues in Management Synopsis: Part One
  • Expectations of a New Supervisor
  • Supervisory Myths
  • Common Mistakes of Inexperienced Managers
  • Effective Supervisors and Issues in Management Synopsis: Part Two
  • Urgency vs. Importance
  • Coaching, Feedback and Discipline
  • Why Managers Procrastinate
  • Human Resource Issues for Supervisors
  • Discipline
  • Hiring
  • Performance Reviews
  • Developing Staff
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Effective Supervisors and Issues in Management Synopsis: Part Three

Lesson 3 - The Legal Aspects of Business

  • Legal Aspects of Business — Synopsis
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • The Judicial System
  • Criminal Law vs. Civil Law
  • Tort Law
  • Agency Law
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations

Lesson 4 - Managing for Results

  • Managing for Results – Synopsis
  • Managing for Results – Introduction
  • Employee Job Performance
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Human Needs
  • Behavior Modification
  • Equity and Self-Confidence
  • Goal Setting
  • Developing a Motivational Program

Lesson 5 - Key Legal Issues

  • Key Legal Issues – Synopsis
  • Respondent Superior
  • Contract Law
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • Sexual Harassment Law
  • Labor Law
  • Legal Research

Lesson 6 - Managing People

  • Managing People – Synopsis
  • Putting Your Personality to Work – Synopsis
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – (Internet Only)
  • Comparison of Extraversion and Introversion
  • Comparison of Sensing and Intuition
  • Comparison of Thinking and Feeling
  • Comparison of Judgment and Perception
  • Communication, Learning Styles and Problem Solving
  • What Employees Want in a Job – Introduction of Survey
  • What Employees Want in a Job – Survey Responses
  • What Employees Want in a Job – Summary

Lesson 7 - Conflict Resolution

  • Conflict Resolution – Synopsis
  • Conflict Resolution – Introduction
  • Negotiation and Conflict Foundations
  • Perspective Taking
  • Case Study – Acquiring a Company
  • Power and Conflict
  • Integrative Approaches From "Getting to Yes"
  • Behavioral Stages and Tactics
  • Effective Confrontations
  • Healthy Climate for Conflict
  • Emotionality and Hostility
  • Summary

Lesson 8 - Understanding Implications of Change

  • Understanding Implications of Change – Synopsis
  • Understanding Change
  • Cautions Regarding Paradigms
  • New Perspectives on Change
  • Change Style Indicator
  • Understanding Your Change Style
  • Valuing the Input of Others
  • Course Conclusion

Who should attend

Foundations of Management is designed for managers of all levels who either need to learn the fundamentals of business management or refresh their existing knowledge. Participants who complete both this course and Critical Management Skills will receive a Professional Certificate in Management.

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