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University of Cape Town

Foundations of Business Management

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Jul 15—Sep 9
ZAR 13500 ≈USD 953


Define and achieve strategic business objectives in the areas of leadership, finance, customer satisfaction and problem-solving.

On this 8-week business management course you’ll gain a holistic understanding of business functions and develop a more integrated business management strategy to ensure your business’s success.

Guided by an experienced entrepreneur, you’ll learn about customer research survey design, and quality assurance - based on leading theoretical concepts and real-world case studies.

What will set you apart

Upgrade your leadership toolkit with this business management course by learning to:

  • Interpret financial statements, and compile and manage budgets
  • Identify and leverage your competitive advantage using strategic business tools
  • Make informed business decisions using creative problem-solving techniques and business management models
  • Conduct competitor and market research to develop an impenetrable business strategy

Course curriculum

This business management course covers everything from financial acuity to leading business managers toward sounder business strategy.

  • Orientation Module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Course Module 1: An introduction to business management and the business landscape
  • Course Module 2: Management and leadership
  • Course Module 3: Foundations of financial management and budgeting
  • Course Module 4: Customer focus and market research
  • Course Module 5: Competitive advantage: SWOT and other strategic tools
  • Course Module 6: Marketing
  • Course Module 7: Business innovation and creative problem solving
  • Course Module 8: Quality assurance and sustainability


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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Lagos Business School

Business Process Management

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Jun 25—27
3 days
Lagos, Nigeria
NGN 275000 ≈USD 765
NGN 91666 per day

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The need to develop effective business performance improvement strategies has never been greater in Nigeria than it is today. The economy is growing slowly and is characterized by high cost of funds, materials and services. Companies in all sectors are therefore seeking new ways to improve their financial performance, market share, ​customer satisfaction and employee contribution to the business. This seminar will afford participants the opportunity to learn different approaches and methods used to improve the performance of business processes in order to make them effective and efficient.


Process Management

  • Business process definition
  • Continuous process improvement or re-engineering
  • Business process modeling

Day Process improvement tools

  • QFD and competitive benchmarking
  • Six sigma quality
  • Value creation through process improvement
  • Process re-engineering

Day Problem Solving Tools

  • Techniques for problem solving
  • Activity-based costing
  • Process performance measures
  • Total Quality management

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will acquire different practical approaches and methods for improving the performance of their business process towards achieving corporate goals.

Who should attend

Senior Executives of Organizations with responsibilities for business process/quality improvement.​



Detailed Description
Detailed Description