Foundation Coach Training Course

Wits Business School

What are the topics?

Wits Business School


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Who should attend

Individuals who are looking to start a coaching practice; coaches looking for an ICF accredited coach training course; individuals in management positions looking to apply coaching skills/principals, HR personnel.

About the course

Develop your coaching skills and enhance your self-awareness to transform the lives of others.

What’s covered

An introduction to coaching skills underpinned by approved ICF coaching processes, methodology, techniques, skills and critical success factors.

  • The STAR coaching methodology
  • 5 professional coaching sessions + 8 peer-to-peer coaching sessions

Learning outcomes:

  • Generate new layers of self-awareness to create a behavioural shift in oneself and apply to others.
  • Facilitate a conscious, coaching conversation with coaching clients.
  • Use active listening skills at all times in a coaching context.
  • Uphold ethical guidelines and apply professional coaching standards required by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Apply effective questioning models when coaching.
  • Plan and set goals to support critical skill enhancement when coaching clients.
  • Manage progressive accountability with self and client.
  • Interrogate and accurately evaluate multiple sources of information from the client in order to facilitate a constructive coaching conversation.
  • Facilitate interpretations that help the client gain awareness as to how to reach their intended coaching goals.
  • Cultivate expertise from various coaching models.



What this programme is about, and creating a powerful intent. We explore the STAR Methodology, the psychological underpinnings of the methodology, guiding principles and contracting.


Our human operating system

The key to any change is awareness. Without this, no change is possible. This module explores the systemic influences that govern the choices we make in our daily lives. Research suggests that of the totality of what there is to be aware of, what rises to the level of our consciousness is closer to zero, than to even one percent. Whilst many people believe they are fully in control of their lives, these statistics show otherwise. It is the unconscious that drives and determines the choices we make every day. This module creates awareness of a myriad of aspects that form part of this.


Core constructs for change

Change; an act or process through which something becomes different. Too often we spend so much time trying to change, but nothing changes. To create real and sustainable change in one’s life requires a thorough understanding of change and the core constructs that will either lead to success, or significantly stand in the way. The purpose of this module is to introduce the basics in coaching, such that participants leave with an ability to facilitate conversations with purpose that lead to constructive outcomes.


Who you think you are

When we come from a place of unawareness, we are often run by our default programmes, or ‘who we think we are’. But this is not who we are. A key driver for being human is the need to belong. This drives a whole host of dysfunctional behaviours in relationships when this longing is unconscious.

Module 3 explores some fundamental ingredients to make relationships work, to help you shift out of roles you might see as yourself, but really are not, and enable collaborative and creative interactions.


Savannah Steinberg

Savannah is the founding director of STAR Leadership (Pty) Ltd and has 15 years experience in coach training internationally and locally. Savannah is a professional Executive and Leadership Coach, and facilitator in leadership, coaching and organisational learning and development. Savannah holds...

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Foundation Coach Training Course at Wits Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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