Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Available dates

Feb 24—26, 2020
3 days
Bengaluru, India
INR 90000 ≈USD 1252
INR 30000 per day


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About the course

Forex Exchange Markets:

  • Interest Rate differential and impact on Currency Rates
  • Terminology and platforms for exchange rates for exporters/importers
  • Factors Impacting Currency Rates
  • Trends in FX Rates

Quantifying Foreign Exchange Risk

  • Forex exposure and quantifying risk – Exporters and Importers perspective
  • Platforms and Instruments in Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  • Functions and participants of major forex markets

Programme objective

Trading on Foreign Exchange Markets:

  • Understanding and application of forex derivatives – Forward contracts, Exchange traded Future and Options
  • Structuring a hedging strategy
  • Evaluation of various hedging instruments on real time basis
  • Reducing Hedging costs
  • Hedging mechanism using Exchange traded Derivatives
  • Trading on Foreign Exchange Markets and Forecasting Exchange rates

Regulatory Environment:

  • Regulatory framework pertaining to FX hedging
  • Derivatives Accounting & Taxation

Key benefits

Post the program participants will be able to

  • Gain knowledge about FX markets and available hedging platforms
  • Calculate FX exposure accurately and quantifying the exact risk
  • Bring efficiency in hedging their corporates foreign currency cash flows
  • Construct hedging strategies
  • Access to trading platforms
  • Exposure to practical scenario

Who should attend

  • Exporters & Importers
  • Senior Financial Professionals
  • Bankers and Executives from Public & Private sector units
  • Export Promotion Councils and Consultants
  • Faculty Members, Finance Students and professionals etc.

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Sankarshan Basu

Professor Basu’s areas of interest in terms of research are in Financial Calculus, Option Pricing, Bond and Portfolio Valuation, Applications of Quantitative Techniques to Finance, Insurance, Reinsurance, Risk Management, Biostatistics and Corporate Finance. He has presented his work at internati...


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