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Flexibility and Decisiveness

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About the course

Leaders sometimes need to make decisions in an environment of uncertainty — when important information is unavailable or unknown. Internal and national politics, evolving technology, and global events add to decision-making complexity. Determine when to be flexible and when to be decisive. Employing the right approach at the right time increases individual, team and organizational productivity.

“I didn’t expect to enjoy this class as much as I did. We looked at flexibility and decisiveness in more-scientific ways. Our discussions were extremely engaging.” – Class participant

OPM Competencies:

  • Decisiveness
  • Flexibility

MSL Credit Hours: 1

Program Benefits:

  • View decision making in the context of problem identification and solving
  • Determine whether the flexibility or decisiveness approach works better in specific decision-making situations
  • Understand the dimensions of risk; develop a willingness to take reasonable and ethical risks

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