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Fiscal Decentralization & Local Government Financial mgt (PFD)

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About the course

Decentralization reform strategies are being implemented worldwide to improve service delivery, economic governance and citizen participation. This comprehensive three-week program is designed to better enable professionals to develop and implement decentralization policy reforms to improve local public financial management and stimulate efficient and accountable economic and social development.


Fiscal Decentralization

  • Fiscal federalism and public choice
  • Allocating expenditure and revenue responsibilities
  • Designing intergovernmental transfers
  • Structuring local government borrowing
  • Local revenue mobilization

Administrative Decentralization

  • Political, administrative and fiscal decentralization trends
  • Roles of central and sub-national governments
  • Intergovernmental cooperation and administration options
  • Effective decentralization strategies
  • Managing the decentralization process

Intergovernmental Transfers

  • Structuring recurrent and development transfers
  • Designing effective performance-based grants
  • Ensuring a coordinated intergovernmental transfer system
  • Monitoring intergovernmental transfers

Local Revenue Systems

  • Property taxation
  • User charges and excise tax
  • Business taxation, license fees, and permits
  • Income and sales taxation

Fiscal Planning and Management

  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Debt management
  • Resource administration
  • Special problems of local revenue administration

Who should attend

This program is open to individuals working professionally in finance, economics, law, government administration or other related fields. Past participants include:

  • Central- and local-level elected politicians, policymakers and administrators
  • Economists
  • Lawyers
  • Finance managers
  • Public sector management specialists

Trust the experts

Roy Kelly

Roy Kelly is Professor of the Practice of Public Policy, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University and the Director of the Program on Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Financial Management. Previously, he spent 19 years with Harvard University at the Kennedy School of Government...


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