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HKUST Business School

Fintech for Non-technical Executives & Professionals

Oct 14—15, 2019
2 days
Hong Kong
HKD 16500 ≈USD 2110
HKD 8250 per day

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Fintech is shaping the landscape of the global economy in unprecedented way. It affects every stage of the value chain of financial services, challenging existing business models while at the same time creating new opportunities untapped in the past. PWC estimated the investment into Fintech to be $150 billion in the next 3-5 years. To prepare executives to understand the disruptive nature of Fintech, this program offers a condensed introduction to Fintech from both macro and organizational perspectives. Technologies are drivers of Fintech and are essential to the understanding of its potential.

Targeted at non-technical executives, this program will present the fundamental concepts of core technologies to facilitate the development of an appreciation of the underlying technology enablers. The program will also cover regulatory issues and challenges. Participants have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with members of the Fintech community to broaden their understanding.

Program Objectives

  • An overview of Fintech development with a focus in Hong Kong and the region
  • Review of major Fintech applications and their business potential
  • Conceptual understanding of core Fintechs including blockchain, data analytics, and security
  • Discussion on regulatory issues and framework
  • Experience sharing by Fintech developers and users

Program Benefits

  • Develop an up-to-date understanding of Fintech and its development
  • Learn how Fintech applications are shaping the finance industry and beyond
  • Learn the basics of core Fintech enablers without getting into the technical details
  • Learn from the experience of Fintech pioneers, practitioners, and investors
  • Apply the knowledge learned to identify Fintech opportunities from the perspective of senior management, investor, or startup

Program Content

Session 1

The session provides a high level overview of the development of Fintech globally, regionally and locally. Why and how such a phenomenon was developed and how it will disrupt the financial industry and the world economy in unprecedented way.

Session 2

This session will provide an overview of core Fintechs including (1) Bitcoin and Blockchain, (2) Data analytics, and (3) Security. Presentation will be pitched at the conceptual level. The session will create the basic technical foundation for participants to understand more about the potential applications of Fintech in Sessions 3 and 4.

Session 3

This session will cover business cases and applications of Fintech. In addition to lectures, participants will go through 1-2 simple business cases involving Fintech applications in Hong Kong, Mainland, or the region.

Session 4

This session consists of 2 parts. The first part involves a presentation on the regulatory framework of Fintech. A comparison between regulations of Hong Kong and other regions will be provided, identifying challenges and opportunities for Hong Kong to become a Fintech center in the world. The second part is a panel discussion of Fintech developers from financial institutions, startups, and VC. The objective is to expand the discussion to include more diverse perspectives and to engage the participants in a broader dialogue to conclude the program.

Who should attend

  • Corporate executives who want to have a condensed introduction to Fintech
  • Investors who are interested in Fintech opportunities


Academic qualification PhD 2000 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Information Systems BBA (First-Class Honors) 1996 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Information Systems Management ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Deputy Head, Dept of ISOM, 2017 - pre...
Academic qualification PhD Purdue University, Management Information Systems M.S. Purdue University, Computer Science  B.S. University of Illinois, Mathematics and Computer Science  ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Associate Provost and F...
Paul Schulte has served as a policy analyst, advisor to governments and hedge funds, analyst of global banks, professor, consultant to private equity firms and author of hundreds of articles and three books. He has worked for the US House of Representatives, the White House, International Trade C...


Detailed Description
Detailed Description

Next dates

Oct 14—15, 2019
2 days
Hong Kong
HKD 16500 ≈USD 2110
HKD 8250 per day

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