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University of Cape Town

Fintech: Disruption in Finance

Jun 24—Aug 19
ZAR 13900 ≈USD 964

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South Africa’s adoption of fintech services far surpasses the global average. Compared to the 51% global adoption rate, South Africa’s market is increasing by 71%, making the potential for fintech adoption, investment and innovation better than ever.*

A lack of banking systems, the growing middle class in Africa, and emerging markets has led to a demand for new solutions to long-standing financial problems. Fintech aims to address, disrupt, and innovate the current financial landscape.

This 8-week Fintech: Disruption in Finance online short course prepares you to better understand, interpret and respond to the disruptions and opportunities within the financial market.

Taking a holistic approach to financial technology, this fintech online course is designed for financial professionals, business leaders and senior management to better understand the industry and potentials for business strategy, tech integration and new innovation initiatives.

What will set you apart

Earn a certificate from the University of Cape Town in this online course and be empowered to:

  • Understand the scope of the fintech ecosystem in the South African, African, and emerging market context, and how the dynamics in these areas will impact your organisation
  • Navigate technological disruption beyond fintech and blockchain, while also exploring big data and AI
  • Prepare for the disruption of our financial future and respond to the organisational impacts of fintech
  • Make better investment and strategic business decisions, or start a fintech business and make a career shift
  • Become an innovative contributor to the financial and digital sector upon completing this fintech course

Course curriculum

Gain an overview of key thematic technologies as you follow your learning path through the weekly modules of this online course:

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Blockchain and artificial intelligence: The megatrends in fintech
  • Module 2 Banks, monetary policy, and cryptocurrencies
  • Module 3 How blockchain technology challenges financial intermediation
  • Module 4 The regulation-innovation nexus
  • Module 5 Opportunities created by big data within the financial industry
  • Module 6 The robot revolution: The impact of artificial intelligence on fintech
  • Module 7 Creating a business strategy to disrupt the industry
  • Module 8 A revolutionary way to finance your business idea


I am an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town and a Research Economist at Deutsche Bundesbank. Please note that this is my private website and the views presented here do not necessarily reflect the views of Bundesbank or the ESCB. Publications May 2017. "Information Contagion and ...


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Detailed Description
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