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Financing Agreements in Project Finance

Available dates

Dec 9—10, 2019
2 days
Paris, France
EUR 3295 ≈USD 3642
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About the course

Basic project finance techniques applied to well structured deals are still the rule. Sponsor support is often a deal breaker. Many PPPs are combining Viability Gap Financing along with commercial lending and concessional loans.

Course Highlights Include:

  • Understanding the role of project documents
  • Reviewing the concession contract, power purchase agreement, turnkey construction contract, and operation and maintenance agreements
  • Understanding risk allocation
  • Analysing key provisions of project loan agreements
  • Examining the security documents
  • Considering both direct and sponsor support agreements
  • Learning effective documentation techniques
  • Explore the main covenant issues


This course:

  • Focuses on the different documents involved
  • Analyses key provisions of project loan agreements
  • Explores security, direct & sponsor support agreements
  • Describes effective documentation techniques
  • Reviews main covenant issues


Day 1

The Role of the Project Documents

  • Overview of what constitutes ‘project documents’ and their role in a project
  • Lender’s perspectives as compared to sponsors and offtakers

The Power Purchase Agreement Presentation of key issues of bankability in a power purchase agreement/concession agreement, including:

  • Different structures available: take or pay, minimum take, merchant
  • Entry into operation
  • Site/existing assets
  • Payment structures
  • Payment security
  • Step-in rights
  • Termination
  • Dispute resolution

Workshop: The Power Purchase Agreement/Concession Contract Delegates will analyse provisions of a power purchase agreement and concession agreement to identify key areas of bankability.

Turnkey Construction Contract Presentation of turnkey construction contracts and key issues of bankability, including:

  • Single point responsibility
  • Fixed price
  • Date certain
  • Liquidated damages for delay and performance
  • Warranties
  • Termination
  • Dispute resolution

Operation and Maintenance Agreements

Presentation of key issues of bankability in O&M agreements

  • Different structures available
  • Guarantees
  • Duration
  • Dispute resolution

Workshop: Risk Allocation Delegates will be split into groups and will examine a case study using risk allocation techniques.

Day 2

Introduction to Financing Agreements

  • What are financing agreements?
  • Main particularities and typical provisions of each of the basic financing agreements will be analysed: – Loan agreement – Intercreditor agreement – Security documents – Sponsor support
  • Dealing with International Financial Institutions

  • Lenders of last resort/preferred creditors

  • A loan & B loan

Analysing the Loan Agreement

  • The term sheet
  • Overview of the structure and content of a syndicated loan agreement
  • Key project covenants

Examining the Security Documents

  • Representations and warranties
  • Affirmative and negative covenants
  • Events of default

Explaining the Support Agreements

  • The significance of support agreements
  • The sponsor’s role
  • Forms of support from sponsors
  • Key provisions

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