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The University of Auckland Business School

Financial Modelling – a Practical Approach

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Jun 5
Auckland, New Zealand
NZD 1195 ≈USD 792
NZD 1195 per day




A comprehensive introduction to corporate financial modelling using Excel

Corporate financial modelling uses the financial statements of real New Zealand and Australian companies to develop an understanding of how to build corporate financial models. Market leading modelling methods and techniques are used throughout the programs to give the participants practical and pragmatic modelling skills.

Topics covered

Corporate financial modelling is designed for participants with a good working knowledge of Excel. It focuses on producing fully integrated three statement models and associated ratio analysis of a corporate company.

  • Time saving shortcuts and settings
  • Practical model design and construction
  • Financial statement linkages
  • Steps to modelling
  • Modelling without circular references
  • Modelling with circular references
  • Correcting errors in models


You will:

  • Increase your general Excel modelling skill and efficiency, learning lots of tips and tricks to enhance your day to day modelling
  • Be able to construct a fully functioning three statement model using a framework that works every time
  • Know how to build and model with or without circular references efficiently and safely
  • Correctly identify common errors that are made in corporate financial models, whether used for analysis for forecasting purposes
  • Take away some core modelling rules that you will be able to apply to any Excel model

Your organisation will:

  • Benefit from course participants’ increased ability to build corporate financial models in Excel, quickly and efficiently

Who should attend

  • Corporate development specialists
  • Financial analysts
  • Asset and wealth managers
  • Equity research analysts
  • Management consultants
  • Chartered accountants
  • Corporate finance professionals


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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