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Finance for Non-Financial Managers — Online

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About the course

Do you want to improve your understanding of the principles of finance but have limited time out the office? Attend the online Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

This six-week online course will expose participants to financial and accounting concepts and issues that form part of everyday business. Using a mix of webinars, virtual discussion boards, interactive question and answer sessions, and online facilitator support, this pragmatic course will assist participants in developing their financial literacy and broadening their commercial understanding of finance by delving into the dynamics of the income statement, balance sheet statement and cash flow statement.


  • ​Module 1: Course overview;
  • Module 2: Laying the foundations - Business acumen and the income statement;
  • Module 3: Building the income and balance sheet statements and understanding linkages between the statements;
  • Module 4: Analysing the cash flow statement and understanding its importance;
  • Module 5: Analysing aspects of financial performance through ratios; and
  • Module 6: Understanding corporate finance and the basics of investment.

How you will benefit:

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the operational output of a business affects the income statement;
  • Interpret the income statement and balance sheet numbers of a business
  • Engage in operational planning using marginal costing and break-even analysis;
  • Critically analyse financial decisions and how they affect performance.
  • Understand financial jargon; and
  • Calculate and interpret financial ratios.

Key focus areas:

Income statements;

Personal investing;

Financial ratios;


Balance sheets;

Share prices;

How to create value;

Capital expenditure decisions;

The financial impact of your decisions;

Causes and drives costs;

Working capital management;

Key ratios and performance measures;

Growth, cash-flow and profitability considerations; and

Value creation.

Who should attend

  • This programme is designed to provide managers in non-financial positions with a practical understanding of finance and accounting; and
  • It is assumed that delegates will have no formal accounting or finance knowledge prior to attending this programme.​

Trust the experts

Justin Spencer-Young

Justin Spencer-Young specialises in VALUE. Researching it, understanding it, measuring it, finding it and creating it. Justin has lectured in finance and accounting for 7 years and talking value and value creation is what he enjoys most. He holds a BSc (Building) (Wits) and an MBA (Wits) and cal...


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