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Finance for Non-Finance Managers

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About the course

This practical programme enables delegates to improve their understanding of the financial implications of business decisions that they take. It provides a better understanding of ones contribution to strategic decisions with regard to financial ramifications and budgeting and enables one to better manage budgets, inventory and the time value of money. Decision making skills are enhanced by integrating financial management into planning and implementation.

Programme Outcomes:

On completion of the programme, learners will be able to:

  • Effectively plan, in-line with financial implications
  • Undertake budget planning and management
  • Understand budget processes
  • Understand working capital management and capital budgeting
  • Understand the concepts of Growth, Profitability, Cash Flow, Costing concepts, Cash flow projections and forecasting
  • Understand and interpret basic financial statements: basic analysis and interpretation

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding of basic accounting terminology
  • Planning and management of budgets: Preparing a budget and budget processes
  • Cash flow, projections and forecasting, Cost escalation factors
  • Understanding financial statements: basic analysis and interpretation
  • Costing: Marginal costing, Absorption costing, Cost allocations
  • Break-even analysis and ratio analysis
  • Working capital management and capital budgeting

Who should attend

  • Managers in non-financial positions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Team leaders and project managers
  • Supervisors and Line Managers

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