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Finance and Accounting for Managers

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About the course

At Cranfield, we know first-hand the importance for non-financial managers and directors to understand financial fundamentals. Expanding your financial knowledge helps towards building greater confidence when making key business decisions.

Our Finance and Accounting for Managers programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to successfully understand the use of accounting and finance in the business context and enable you to communicate effectively and confidently on financial matters.

This programme illustrates successful accounting concepts and frameworks to demystify this technical and complex field, helping you to feel more comfortable when communicating financial difficulties, create value throughout your organisation and making better informed and evidence based managerial and strategic decisions.

Learn how to:

  • Use annual financial reports to inform your strategic decisions.
  • Use accounting information to make managerial decisions.
  • Evaluate investment proposals whether it is a good one or not.

What you will learn

You will gain:

  • Increased ability and understanding in financial matters
  • Improved skills in analysing and interpreting financial and accounting information
  • Ability to make better decisions, both on day-to-day matters and investment decisions
  • Confidence to communicate effectively with your organisation’s accountants.

Your organisation will gain:

  • Enhanced understanding of financial fundamentals that encourages debate on strategies, leading to better managerial decisions.
  • A better, more effectively managed business area that monitors and drives business performance.
  • A more knowledgeable and effective executive with a clear understanding of finance and accounting concepts to make managerial decisions, taking into consideration the financial implications to the business.

Core content

The Finance and Accounting for Managers programme understands the challenges you face when interpreting the financial fundamentals within the business context.

You'll learn:

  • Accounting fundamentals - how to make sense of financial reports.
  • Management accounting - product pricing and covering these costs.
  • Finance - evaluating projects and creating value.

You gain state-of-the-art models to:

  • Understand and effectively analyse balance sheet and income statement (profit and loss).
  • Plan , budget and cash flow forecasting.
  • Prepare and evaluate capital project and acquisition proposals.
  • Understand and manage cost, cash flow and working capital.
  • Analyse breakeven and contribution.
  • Drive, monitor and create value in organisational performance.

Who should attend

Senior executives for non-financial backgrounds, with budgetary responsibilities, who are looking to improve their financial knowledge and build confidence to effectively manage their business areas.

  • Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Partners and Senior Consultants
  • Senior Technical Experts

Trust the experts

Ruth Bender

Ruth joined the Cranfield faculty in 1994, having completed her MBA there. Prior to this she was a partner in Grant Thornton, where latterly she specialised in corporate finance. During this period she undertook various secondments, including a year working as a private equity investment manager ...


Yacine Belghitar

Prior to coming to Cranfield School of Management, Yacine taught and did research at Middlesex and Durham Universities. He held the positions of Research Leader for the group of accounting and finance and Director of the MSc in Finance. He has successfully supervised and externally examined sever...


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Finance and Accounting for Managers Programme

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