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Stanford Graduate School of Business

Available dates

Feb 2—7, 2020
6 days
Stanford, California, USA
USD 10000
USD 1666 per day


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About the course

Take your social enterprise to the next level in this program designed to help entrepreneurs refine their innovations and leverage their impact.

Key Benefits

Leveraging in-class lectures, discussions and exercises led by Stanford MBA faculty, the Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship gives you:

  • A richer understanding of how to integrate organizational mission and strategy
  • An enhanced understanding of the mechanisms, opportunities and challenges of social entrepreneurship
  • Practical methodologies such as design thinking to spur innovation and solve real, complex problems
  • A strengthened ability to grow an organization while sustaining the culture
  • An international network of brilliant social innovators across nonprofit, public, and private-sector boundaries


Where do you want your social impact organization to be in five years, and what will it take from you and your team to get there?

Leveraging the depth of expertise of Stanford GSB’s faculty, the Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship exposes you to leading-edge research in strategy and organizational behavior so you can strengthen and develop your organization across all business units.

Program highlights include:

Strategy and Organizational Design

Take a look at how organizational design affects the execution of an organization’s strategy and reflect on a framework for thinking about organizational design.

Design Thinking Bootcamp

Experience design thinking — a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovation — through a hands-on exercise, after which you’ll work in small teams to craft solutions to different design challenges.


Learn the elements of successful stories and how when data and story are used together, you take your listeners on a journey where they are moved intellectually and emotionally from one perspective to another.

Scaling Up

Understand what it takes to spread a mindset, not just a footprint, as a program or organization expands, and glean best practices from leaders and teams who successfully spread constructive beliefs, behaviors, and practices.

Who should attend

  • Experienced leaders of social initiatives or organizations.
  • While the educational and professional backgrounds may vary across participants, all attendees hold a high impact role at their organization

Trust the experts

William Barnett

Research Statement William Barnett studies competition among organizations and how organizations and industries evolve globally. He is conducting a large-scale project that seeks to explain why and how some firms grow rapidly in globalizing markets. His prior research includes studies of how str...


Hayagreeva Rao

Research Statement Professor Rao studies collective action within organizations and in markets. His research and by implication, his teaching, revolves around scaling up mobilization, innovation, and talent in organizations. Teaching Statement Professor Rao teaches courses on Scaling up Excell...


Sarah Soule

Research Statement Sarah A. Soule's research examines state and organizational-level policy change and diffusion, and the role social movements have on these processes. She has recently published papers on how protest impacts multi-national firm-level decisions regarding divestment in Burma, and...


Baba Shiv

Research Statement Baba Shiv's research expertise is in the area of neuroeconomics, with specific emphasis on the role of neural structures related to emotion and motivation in shaping decisions and experiences. His recent work examines the interplay of the brain’s "liking" and "wanting" systems...


Jennifer Aaker

Research Interests Time, Money and Happiness The Power of Story Global Brand Building Emotions, Goals and Health The Psychology of Giving Bio Dr. Jennifer Aaker is a behavioral psychologist, author, and the General Atlantic Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her research focu...


Paul Pfleiderer

Research Statement Paul Pfleiderer’s early research was primarily focused on issues arising in financial markets when traders are asymmetrically informed. In pursuing that research he developed theoretical models that analyze how information is incorporated in prices through trading and how info...


Paul Brest

Bio Paul Brest is Former Dean and Professor Emeritus (active), at Stanford Law School, a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a faculty co-director of the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, and co-director of the Stanford Law and Policy Lab. He was president of t...


Woody Powell

Woody Powell is Jacks Family Professor of Education, and Professor of Sociology, Organizational Behavior, Management Science and Engineering, and Communication at Stanford University, and a faculty fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. He was a founding co-director ...


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