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Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Executive Program in Sales Management

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Next dates

Jun 10—14
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 4995 ≈USD 3734
CAD 999 per day
Nov 4—8
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 4995 ≈USD 3734
CAD 999 per day
May 25—29, 2020
5 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 4995 ≈USD 3734
CAD 999 per day


Throughout the five-day program, you’ll acquire skills in 10 essential areas:

Strategic framework for sales success, identifying three key drivers of sales success, competitive market analysis, customer relationship management, critical thinking and problem solving, making a leadership difference in sales, sales leadership behaviors, hire and retain top performers, tools to enhance sales force performance, and group work and presentations.

This program, in partnership with the Canadian Professional Sales Association, empowers you with tools and techniques to build a high-performance sales team; develop integrated sales plans at the divisional, geographic and customer segment levels; and strengthen your team-building and management skills. You’ll learn to custom-design a competitive intelligence and benchmarking system for your organization, and leverage your emotional intelligence to sell your products and services.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop the high-performance leadership skills required to drive a high-performance sales organization
  • Discover a proven strategic framework that will help you meet your sales and performance targets, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance efficiency by adopting leading-edge Customer Relationship Management strategies
  • Custom-design a competitive intelligence and benchmarking system for your organization
  • Leverage your emotional intelligence to sell your products and services

Course content details

5 days

Day 1 – Monday

Sales Strategies and Best Practices

Strategic Framework for Sales Success

  • Introduce the strategic role of sales organizations today
  • Define the inter-dependencies between sales and other functions in delivering revenue and profit
  • Understand the critical drivers and linkages on the road to revenue and profit

Best practices to drive Sales Success

  • Understand best practices for account development, opportunity planning and territory planning
  • Review key tools to develop customer value propositions and articulate unique business value.
  • Determine what interferes with the behaviours that drive sales success and how to manage these interferences within your team

Day 2 – Tuesday

Transformational Sales Leadership

Making a Leadership Difference in Sales

  • Exploring Leadership Styles and Salesperson Performance
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Presenting a compelling leadership story
  • Developing a highly workable action plan for a current business or sales challenge
  • Integrating learning and consolidating takeaways

Getting Things Done with Influence, Collaboration and Persuasion

  • Learn how influence and persuasion work and how to build influence “muscle” for yourself and your team in today’s work environment.
  • Apply best practices of influence and persuasion to working in cross-functional teams.
  • Determine when to use collaboration for decision making and when to leverage other strategies.
  • Explore the value that mentorship plays in building high performing teams and learn mentoring best practices to enhance your own professional development.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Getting the Most from Your Team – Maximizing Sales Performance

Motivation & Engagement for Sales

  • Explore leading rewards and recognition strategies that motivate today’s sales professionals
  • Assess best-in-class sales compensation frameworks that drive the right sales behaviours
  • Develop sales plans at the division/geographic/segment level that align compensation and motivation strategies to achieve sales targets

ABC’s of Sales Management

  • Gaining alignment and commitment
  • Holding reps accountable to success
  • Sales isn’t for everyone – Assessing a candidate’s fit for the role and selecting the best person for the job
  • Retaining Top Sales Performers through effective career conversations
  • Keeping your top performers engaged

Day 4 – Thursday

Defining your Customer Value Proposition

Competitive Market Analysis

  • Designing and implementing a competitive intelligence system
  • The types of competitive intelligence available
  • Assessing market information

Optimizing Client Intelligence (CI)

  • How client intelligence delivers competitive advantage
  • Identify customer value to your business
  • Learn strategies that increase customer satisfaction while decreasing cost

Day 5: Friday

The Power of Your Brand

Social Selling

  • Define your organizational and personal brand
  • Understand the role of social media and social selling
  • Develop a successful social selling and digital media program

Application and Wrap Up

  • Application of key learning
  • Determine next steps to accelerate your sales force’s performance based on classroom learning

Who should attend

This program will benefit experienced sales executives, directors and vice presidents; sales managers at the regional, national and international levels; frontline sales managers with at least two years’ management experience; and non-sales general managers and business owners who are responsible for sales force performance and policies.


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