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The University of Auckland Business School

Executive Leadership for an Uncertain World

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About the course

Developing leadership capability to respond to uncertainty and change

Executive Leadershipfor an Uncertain World develops and strengthens the leadership capacity and effectiveness of those in senior leadership roles. The programme takes a deep dive into two disruptive contexts – digital and technical disruption, and human resource capability building for a new era.

How do organisations benefit?

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Consider the impact of disruptive trends facing business
  • Work with and learn from peers across a wide range of organisations
  • Develop a strategic approach to the challenges and opportunities faced by their business
  • Develop and apply leadership practices to support their organisations to adapt

What can you expect?

The programme comprises two two-day, non-residential workshops across a two month period. This format enables participants to:

  • Learn from experienced facilitators and guest contributors in interactive sessions
  • Gain insight from in-depth interactions with programme peers who share new perspectives on current challenges
  • Practise and embed new learning in their own organisations through the programme
  • Sustain new leadership practices beyond the programme

Participants can also bring a specific issue that is key to their organisation right now and work with peers to consider implications, test ideas, review the data, and identify new possibilities and opportunities.

Why choose our NZLI programme?

NZLI programmes focus on each individual’s unique situation, considering their mindset as opposed to skillset. The NZLI approach is also informed by cutting edge research that is translated for practical application. Participants are not fed an off-the shelf course but are guided through a development process which evolves to meet their development needs. This approach is supported by a McKinsey&Company report, which cites the following elements as critical to ensuring effective leadership development:

  • Applying specific leadership skills and traits to the context at hand
  • Embedding leadership development in real work
  • Exploring the mind-sets that underpin behaviour

McKinsey Quarterly, McKinsey&Company, January 2014

What is the programme framework?

Presentations, case studies and workshops from leading academics in the University of Auckland Business School and business leaders from a diverse range of sectors.

Workshop one - Digital and Technological Disruption

  • Major disruptive challenges facing business
  • What type of leadership is being called for in the context of disruption?
  • Distinguishing professional expertise, management and leadership
  • Adaptive leadership

Workshop two - Capability and Culture

  • Sense-making and framing leadership challenges
  • Align purpose with talent development and capability
  • Growing a culture of leadership within an organisation
  • Impact of disruption on capability and culture in future scenarios

Who should attend

This programme is for individuals at the senior management level or small clusters of 3-4 people from the same senior management team. This may include:

  • Tier 2 leaders or C-Suite aspirants
  • General Managers
  • Heads of Departments
  • New or aspiring CEOs

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