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  • 12 weeks
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Hyper Island


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About the course

As a senior leader, you deal with vast amounts of complexity and uncertainty. Isolation in the role has been amplified even more by COVID-19. This course aims to work on your well-being and future-readiness as a leader. It aims to provide you with a deep and highly personal journey of reflection and self-exploration. At Hyper Island, we believe in human leadership, where emotional intelligence is front and center when you’re leading teams and driving change.

Leadership starts with you

Our Executive Leadership course is Hyper Island’s most advanced in the leadership area. It’s been developed on the back of our decade-long learnings of designing and deploying senior leadership experiences with global multinationals. The Executive Leadership course deepens your competence and mindset even further, after you’ve been on courses such as “Leading Teams” or “Driving Transformation”.

During the course, we’ll explore four levels of leadership:

  • Leading self: building deeper awareness around leadership strengths and development areas, and then turning that into action.
  • Leading teams: exploring leadership behaviors and tools that empower high performing, virtual teams.
  • Leading organizations: understanding complex change and the role and influence of organizational culture in your leadership remit.
  • Creating momentum: shaping the contours of your own leadership “movement” that fits the bigger, strategic journey of your organization.

Each level comes with a unique set of challenges, which we’ll explore together. You’ll be challenged to experiment with new behaviors and attitudes. You’ll also be given tools and practical models that’ll enable you to develop yourself, your team, and your organizational leadership skills.

4 Core modules

Leading others/teams

Our first module strengthens your capacity to lead teams through constant change and uncertainty. You’ll learn to lead teams more effectively, be a better collaborator, and colleague, and manage and harness conflict, diversity, as well as group dynamics.

We’ll dedicate significant time to developing leadership skills within the virtual or remote setting, developing tools for increasing the well-being, motivation, and performance of individuals in teams in distributed or remote environments.

This module will also explore facilitative leadership which is a people-centered, quality and results-driven process of developing and supporting culture in the workplace. It facilitates learning and achieving outcomes through innovative and interactive processes.

In addition, we introduce and work on agile leadership—learning more about the agile executive and how senior leaders can become more aware and able to understand the importance of and implement speed in organizations.

Leading self

This module supports established leaders looking to take their leadership to the next level. It dedicates time to and provides the tools for increasing self-awareness around resilience, values, purpose, vulnerability, and how you, as a leader, engage with these.

This module focuses on emotional intelligence, a deeper understanding of you as a leader, as well as understanding human performance in both yourself and others.

Leading organizations

How do you change ways of being and working in organizations?

This module helps you as a senior leader to understand and cope with complex transformation. It goes beyond change management and explores advanced complex transformations, such as industry turmoil, fourth digital revolution, and black swans such as COVID-19.

In addition, it looks at culture transformation and how you can create culture transformations in organizations. As senior executive leaders, you will get insights into how to design and drive culture transformation; oftentimes, one of the ultimate challenges for a senior leader. You’ll explore how we encourage people to behave differently and go beyond simply doing the things you explicitly ask them to.

Tying it all together for impactful leadership

This module ties everything together, as you embark on a process to create an impactful leadership development plan for yourself. Reflecting on the course content and activities, you’ll explore what it means to create momentum, and work with topics such us polarity management and storytelling to design your own approach to transformation.

Learning outcomes

This course will allow you to:

  • Gain a strong sense of why you are choosing to be a leader at your organization.
  • Be aware of how others experience your strengths and development areas as a leader.
  • Get tools that help you listen actively and ask questions that empower and develop people.
  • Confidently use leadership behaviors and tools that empower high performing teams that are operating virtually/online.
  • The ability to explain the five phases of group development and how a leader can influence group development by adapting leadership style.
  • Awareness of relevant methods/tools for leading change in a structured way.Ability to analyze the complexity of a situation and choose how to act based on that.
  • Ability to explain how the changes you lead in your assignment are connected and contribute to the bigger picture of the company strategy.
  • Confidence to share the story about the leadership shift that is needed in your company.
  • Have a clear plan for your personal leadership development.

How you will learn

The (fully virtual) leadership course consists of four online modules (one for each area), and is topped and tailed by a virtual onboarding and offboarding session. Each module will follow a similar pattern and is made up of four components. You should expect to spend approximately three to four hours per week during the modules to engage in the program, in order to:

  • Explore the content in the Learning Kit.
  • Complete an individual and a group task.
  • Participate in a live session with your leadership peers.
  • Share the outcome of your tasks in the Slack community and discuss with your peers.

Phone interviews

The purpose of your phone call with us is to make sure the course content will match your needs and expectations as a participant. We will ask you some questions about your leadership challenges and also explain a bit more about the course and what you can expect from this experience.

Three levels of leadership

At Hyper Island, we provide diverse leaders with the building blocks to create innovative learning organizations that can cope successfully in uncertain and complex times. We do this by instilling skills for life and creating collaborative learning experiences. We facilitate and guide the process, and strive to make learning interactive and fun.

At Hyper Island, we explore three levels of leadership:

  • Leading self
  • Leading teams
  • Leading organisations

These all come with a unique set of challenges, which we are ready to tackle.

This course will take you on a developmental journey. Together with your course peers, you will harness the power of reflection through conversation as well as introspection and awareness about yourself.

You’ll be challenged to experiment with new behaviors and attitudes. You’ll also be given tools and practical models that’ll enable you to develop yourself, your team, and your organizational leadership skills.


Otto Ruijs

Otto has over 20 years experience in consulting, leadership training and executive education. He started his career in strategy consulting but slowly but surely ventured into a parallel path of training and people development with a focus on digital transformation and digital leadership. From 200...

Executive Leadership Course at Hyper Island

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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