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Jan 1—Jul 28, 2020
16 daysModules info
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
USD 10000
USD 625 per day


Preparing African-American Leaders for Executive Advancement

Successful, forward-looking organizations understand the competitive advantage gained by cultivating diverse and inclusive leadership teams. Prosperous communities recognize the important contributions to be made by minority civic leaders. Yet, African-Americans are disproportionately underrepresented in these roles in Pittsburgh-area corporate and nonprofit positions. The Advanced Leadership Initiative and Carnegie Mellon Executive Education present the Executive Leadership Academy as a solution. This eight-module advanced development program provides the tools, exposure and training necessary to increase the visibility and success of high-performing African-Americans so that they can contribute to their organizations — and our community — at the highest levels.

Program Overview

Addressing the 360-degree development of our participants, with a particular emphasis on the unique challenges faced by African-American professionals, the Executive Leadership Academy will feature integrated development across three critical pillars:

  • World-class academic instruction in strategic management
  • Executive coaching
  • Professional sponsorship

Through more than 120 hours of instruction from top-tier business school faculty and industry experts, participants sharpen key, immediately-applicable management skills and develop tools to maximize their potential. Through one-on-one sessions with executive coaches, these abilities are translated to practical implementation, tailored for each participant’s unique personal and organizational needs. And through the guidance of individually-matched professional sponsors, who work with each participant both in and outside of the classroom, the foundation of a lasting cycle of irreplaceable mentorship is built

Program Schedule

Module 1- Objectives & Expectations

January 2020

  • Leadership Perspectives and Diversity
  • Defining Your Leadership Identity

Module 2 - Strategic Leadership & Sponsors

February 2020

  • Strategic Leadership: Creating Impact in Your Organization
  • Identifying Personal Strengths and Values

Module 3- Creating Operational Impact

March 2020

  • Operational Leadership
  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace, Resilience Training

Module 4- Thriving In Your Organization

April 2020

  • Financial Decision-making
  • Ethical Leadership

Module 5 - Negotiating Quantitative Decisions

May 2020

  • Creating Impact with Data: Finance and Analytics
  • Managing Interracial Interactions

Module 6- Expanding Your Influence

June 2020

  • Building Networks of Influence
  • Governance and Civic Leadership

Module 7 - Leading High Performing Teams

July 2020

  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Refining and Expressing your Authentic Leadership Self

Module 8 - Presentations & Graduation

July 2020

  • Leadership Next Steps
  • Presentations.

Who should attend

Are you an African-American executive or leader aspiring to greater visibility and success? The Executive Leadership Academy is designed to help you define and reach your goals. African-American men and women with at least 10 years of work experience in corporate, nonprofit, government or entrepreneurial sectors of our community are encouraged to apply. Candidates must be based in the greater Pittsburgh region and have demonstrated leadership and a desire to achieve professional excellence.


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Detailed Description
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