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Executive Certificate in Energy

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About the course

New technologies are changing the landscape and shifting the previously accepted dimensions of the energy industry. Meeting this anticipated demand in an economic and environmentally acceptable manner is a global challenge. And along the way, there will be a myriad opportunities for individuals and companies to make their mark.

In response to the growth and change across this vast and complex industry, Fisher now offers an exceptional and focused learning experience. The Executive Certificate in Energy program integrates both the business and the technological aspects of the industry.

A Dynamic Program for a Dynamic Industry

During both the in-class residency and the guided expedition, leading industry experts will share their perspectives on the future of energy and lead discussions on the challenges facing the industry. The speakers represent respected firms associated with the energy business, including TransCanada PipeLines Limited and Strategy (formerly Booz & Company).

In all, the Executive Certificate in Energy program provides the foundational knowledge and the broad perspectives to help participants truly comprehend the dynamics of the industry; leverage its global character; manage the complexity and interactions of its various dimensions; and help them to create and capture opportunities.

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