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University of Cape Town

Executive and Management Coaching

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Jul 4—Sep 26
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With the ever-increasing pace of change and complexity within organisations and businesses, leaders may require increased support in achieving their professional goals.

External coaches and internal managers and executives with coaching skills play an important role in facilitating organisational development, and improving organisational performance.

In response to the growing demand for the services of corporate coaches, this 12-week course has been designed to give existing and prospective external and internal coaches the theoretical underpinning, knowledge, tools and practical experience to develop their coaching practices.

What will set you apart

Earn a certificate of completion from UCT on this online course and be empowered to:

  • Use fundamental theories, knowledge, practical skills and expertise to create and manage professional coaching relationships
  • Help members of your team or individual clients realise their potential
  • Leverage your particular experience, knowledge, skills, and intuition to identify and refine your own coaching philosophy and methodology
  • Retain top talent in your organisation and foster a culture of growth and opportunity
  • Apply a comprehensive personal coaching toolkit to further your executive and management coaching skills

Course curriculum

Gain the practical skills and expertise to become a powerful executive and management coach as you follow your learning path through the weekly modules of this online course:

  • Orientation Module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Course Module 1: Assessing yourself as a coach
  • Course Module 2: Mapping a personalised coaching model
  • Course Module 3: The initial phase of coaching
  • Course Module 4: The following phase of coaching
  • Course Module 5: Building your coaching toolkit
  • Course Module 6: Planning the coaching process
  • Course Module 7: Self-management techniques
  • Course Module 8: Providing support during the action phase of coaching
  • Course Module 9: The ethics of coaching
  • Course Module 10: The final phase of coaching
  • Course Module 11: Reflecting on your development and growth as a coach
  • Course Module 12: Creating your brand as a coach


As a seasoned Global Leadership and Personal Branding Coach, Michelle secured her first coaching qualification in South Africa in 2005, and hasn’t stopped studying, coaching and teaching since. Her certified portfolio of evidence covers multiple coaching assignments that demonstrate significant r...


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Detailed Description
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