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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Available dates

Dec 9—12, 2019
4 days
Kolkata, India
INR 70000 ≈USD 984
INR 17500 per day


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About the course

Communication is not only about employing good language and its refined usage, but also is about the strategic planning to be undertaken for each and every communication episode keeping in perspective audiences, objectives, context, alternative media of communication and choices of technique and style. We will introduce the concept of communications from a managerial perspective, and will demonstrate the linkage between the strategic role of Communications and the performance of communication skills through various communication enactments in diverse managerial contexts.


  • To explore effective communication as strategic understanding of audiences, objectives, context, alternative media of communication and choices of technique and style.
  • To employ persuasive and argumentative skills to sell changes in organisation.
  • To adopt communication strategies for prevention and resolution of inter‐personal conflicts at work‐place.
  • To use oratory skills to develop motivation and inspiration.
  • To comprehend and practice inter‐cultural communication skills so as to function effectively in cross‐cultural contexts.
  • To draft diverse kinds of business messages (negative, sensitive & persuasive) for effective communication.
  • To structure and draft business research reports, proposals and plans.


The Programme will be woven around the following themes:

  • Communication as Strategy rather than just Language
  • Persuasive & Argumentative Skills
  • Branding and Consulting through Communication
  • Public Speaking: Preparing & Delivering Content
  • Communication Analytics: Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • Business Messages
  • Business Reports/Proposals/Plans
  • Presentations and Feedback (video‐recorded)


Pedagogy involves interactive mix of case studies, experience sharing through discussion, presentations, role plays and reflections. Final presentations will be an attempt to apply all the communication principles discussed in classes. These presentations will be video‐recorded and a comprehensive personalized feedback will be given, along with the recorded videos.

Who should attend

This programme has been designed for middle level executives in public and private sector industries and, multinational companies, whose job profiles involve engagements in managerial responsibilities.

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Pragyan Rath

Prof. Pragyan Rath is an Associate Professor in Business Ethics and Communication group of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC). She did her Masters-in-Philosophy (M.Phil.) on the relation between poetry and paintings in the Critical Humanities department of the Central Institute of...


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