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Excellence at Strategy in a Changing World

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About the course

Formulating and executing strategy is challenging at any rate. It is especially difficult when the world around the company constantly changes – when business models are uprooted, technologies are disrupting, and global relations unravel.

Strategy is perceived as glamorous, yet what it intends to achieve is simply a roadmap in a confusing world that relentlessly creates new facts. In such a world, adaptation is key.

The Excellence at Strategy in a Changing World programme is designed to equip participants with the tools necessary for agile adaptation and for resilience – a strong, foundational toolkit for a world at change.

Learning Objectives

Discover the keys to developing an effective framework for strategy and in a changing world

  • Receive valuable opportunities to gain a comprehensive overview of strategic competencies and gaps
  • Focus on reinforcing the foundations of business knowledge, develop a holistic strategic management toolkit that will help you become a more effective manager and develop a global perspective of business and strategy
  • Develop critical thinking skills and innovative mind set to drive organisational renewal
  • Create opportunity to work and network on cross regional issues that impact operations


This four-day programme is anchored on six key pillars and will follow a logical progression:

  • Introduction to Strategy What is strategy, what is it trying to achieve, and how is it implemented? The basic questions about strategy every executive needs to answer.
  • Strategy under VUCA The world is constantly changing and growing ever more complex. What are the risks and uncertainties contained in the future. How are they different from one another? How can one create options for possible, but not certain, futures?
  • New Strategy: Disruption, Innovation & Blue Oceans Technology disruption sounds like an unpredictable process - there is, however, good theory to explain and even predict how it works. It can also be used to one’s advantage in exploring new “Blue Ocean” markets.
  • Scenario Planning Sometimes, possible futures can be seen clearly as possibilities, yet still remain impossible to predict. Scenarios can help plan even where the future does not follow a clear path – and there are specific methods to build them.
  • Getting the Story Across with Storytelling
    Strategy is only as good as its execution. Execution in turn depends on how able you are to communicate the essence of your strategy, and how well you engage your team and your stakeholders. Humans respond exceptionally well to stories. We are hard wired to tell and hear them. This module teaches you how.
  • Emergent Strategy How can a strategy remain relevant when the world around it keeps on changing? It can’t. It must change and adapt as well. A flexible and adaptive strategy will emerge through the skillful merging of observation, insight, response to, and proactive engagement with the world.

Technology Enabled Programme Delivery

The Excellence at Strategy in a Changing World programme uses a blended learning approach through SMU Executive Development’s Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) initiatives. The programme includes blended and online learning assignments with a mix of online exercises, assessments, and face-to-face sessions.


You will learn to understand the opportunities and challenges of driving implementation and leading change. At the end of the programme, a post assessment will be conducted to see if you have acquired the key frameworks, latest insights and Asian and global case examples of how implementation and change initiatives can go wrong, and more importantly, how to get them right.

Who should attend

Mid-level and senior managers who are managing or about to handle a strategic business unit, substantial project or team in their organisation should attend the programme.

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