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Evaluating Real Estate Markets

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Jun 12
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
USD 1600
USD 1600 per day


Evaluating Real Estate Markets is designed to help real estate professionals evaluate property investments in terms of better understanding the economic factors that drive real estate markets. Real estate rents, vacancy, and prices are all determined by the operation of selected economic markets. The course examines those markets and how they determine property fundamentals.

The course distinguishes between the markets for real estate space (occupancy) and the market for real estate investment (capital). It goes on to evaluate the impacts of global, macro, and local market forces on both.

Many current issues in real estate are covered in this course. These include the recent and continuing housing “crisis,” the globalization of real estate capital and its impact on pricing, technology, the changing spatial structure of cities (what this means for location decisions), and the evolution and increasing scale of real estate development.


Participants of this course will:

  • Anticipate how U.S. real estate markets will likely behave over the next 10 years
  • Recognize the economic factors driving local real estate markets
  • Understand theories concerning the causes and consequences of market cycles

Who should attend

This course is applicable to a wide range of professionals across the real estate, banking, finance/investment, and insurance industries. Specifically, the course may be of interest to fund managers, investment portfolio managers, financial advisors, investment bankers, fixed-income analysts, financial risk managers, global financial market specialists, professionals working in macroeconomic policy, real estate brokers, and commercial and residential builders. More generally, this class can be valuable to anyone dealing with global financial markets and real estate investments.


William C. Wheaton is Professor Emeritus from MIT's Department of Economics and is still teaching the MIT Center for Real Estate’s graduate core course in Real Estate Economics. As a founding faculty member and former director of the MIT Center for Real Estate, he has been on the MIT faculty sinc...
Devin Bunten is an Assistant Professor of Urban Economics and Housing. Her research uses economic theory and tools to study a range of urban topics, including gentrification and neighborhood change, restrictive zoning, and urban economic history. In addition to her own research, she teaches cour...