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Ethical Thinking Through the 7 Lenses

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About the course

The ethical challenges we face are complex. To navigate complexity, we need to stay grounded in ethical values and consider our potential impact on many stakeholders. In this course, author Linda Fisher Thornton will give you the tools and insight for understanding ethical situations through the 7 Lenses of Ethical Responsibility described in her book 7 Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership. You will learn how to identify ethical nuances using a multi-lens perspective that reframes your thinking at a higher level.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain awareness of the current context and the importance of ethical thinking
  • Understand why people disagree so intensely about “the right thing to do”
  • Learn how to think through situations using the 7 Lenses of Ethical Responsibility
  • Practice using all 7 Lenses to identify and discuss ethical nuances
  • Improve your ability to analyze and discuss complex ethical issues
  • Create an action plan for applying ethical thinking in your daily decisions and actions

You will have the opportunity to practice using the 7 Lenses® model to understand real-world situations. The kaleidoscopic view you see looking at an issue through all 7 Lenses puts your choices into perspective in a meaningful way and reveals hidden nuances that will guide you to ethical decisions and actions.

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Linda Fisher Thornton

Linda Fisher Thornton is a leadership development consultant and author with a passion for the proactive ethical leadership that brings out the best in people, organizations and communities. After three years of research, she wrote 7 Lenses (Leading in Context LCC, 2013), introducing a 7-dimensio...


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Thinking About Ethics Isn't Enough (With 7 Lenses Author Linda Fisher Thornton)