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Nanyang Technological University Center for Continuing Education

Essentials of Performance Leadership

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About the course

As managers and supervisors, you need to lead performance reviews, whether the process is formal or informal. Most employees want to do their jobs well and they want to make a difference and be appreciated. The manager’s/supervisor’s job responsibility is to enable their employees to know what they are doing, whether it’s well or not well and how they can be better. The only way for employees to get this information is to receive feedback, whether good or bad. They must know what is expected of them. By providing regular feedback, employees know exactly what and how to improve. When employees take ownership for their own improvement, it makes the job a lot easier for the manager/supervisor.


This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Understand what it takes to lead others to better performance
  • Acquire the necessary skills to carry out an effective performance appraisal session
  • Learn how to provide coaching to help improve performance at work
  • Get positive results from employees


Leadership Essentials

  • Understanding self-leadership style, preference and traits
  • Leadership style: Engaging Different People and different situations
  • Discovering the competencies needed to be a great success in leadership
  • Influencing as a leader: Learning about the 22 integrated core Skills that develop and motivate people through transforming performance

Performance Management

  • Performance Management Plan to facilitate employee development and NOT just rewards
  • Managing the Performance Appraisal Process that drives excellence
  • Coaching and Handling Challenging Situations during Action Planning
  • Managing disagreements and disruptive behavior during Coaching
  • Leading through influencing of Mindset/Behavior over KPIs/Goals to transform individual performance
  • Practicum on Collaborative Performance Appraisal


This programme is conducted through a highly stimulating, interactive and participative approach using reflective learning, mind-powered coaching and action mapping. A variety of highly realistic workplace/business scenarios will be adopted for practice, with coaching from your trainer-coach and feedback from participants.

Who should attend

All leaders and managers who are responsible for leading their people towards greater performance excellence.

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