Kellogg School of Management

Essentials of Marketing Strategy

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Jan 13—Apr 12, 2020
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About the course

Building a Foundation for Marketplace Success

Kellogg knows that successful marketers need a solid marketing strategy as the foundation for achieving a sustainable advantage in today’s competitive business environment. Effectively identifying the elements and creating a fundamentally sound marketing strategy is key to achieving your long-term business goals.

In this 8-week online program, you will learn from Kellogg’s renowned marketing faculty how to utilize customer insights, identify your target audience and position your brand to build a strategic foundation. Through exercises, discussion boards and 24/7 technical support, you will become skilled in utilizing customer and market information, and strategic thinking, to develop a powerful marketing strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Understand and gain the ability to develop the foundational elements that comprise a strong marketing strategy
  • Recognize the importance of segmentation, targeting and positioning and their relevance to an effective strategy
  • Learn to identify and utilize customer insight
  • Develop a compelling brand positioning statement

Program Content

Module 1: Understanding the Role of Marketing

  • Discover what is critical to marketing success
  • Learn why beginning with tactics often fails
  • Explore the 3 C’s and understand their importance in achieving your marketing goals
  • Understand why the customer is the foundation for all marketing decisions

Module 2: Identifying Customer Insights

  • Pinpoint what a customer insight is, how to access it, and why it’s important
  • Understand how to develop customer empathy and identify mindsets
  • Use a consumer index to determine which customers are more or less likely to purchase

Module 3: Developing Marketing Goals

  • Define the elements of a comprehensive marketing goal
  • Learn to utilize consumer behavioral goals to grow revenue
  • Perform a breakeven analysis

Module 4: Segmenting Markets

  • Discover how segmentation helps align organizational strengths with customers’ needs
  • Identify characteristics that may be used to classify consumers
  • Determine consumers’ needs within each segment
  • Understand how matching offerings to a segment differs between and among competitors
  • Explore the elements of an effective segmentation study

Module 5: Selecting Target Customers

  • Understand why targeting is important
  • Learn how the concepts of measurability, actionability, and substantiability apply to target selection
  • Explore how big data can improve Customer Lifetime Value

Module 6: Positioning Your Brand

  • Understand what constitutes brand positioning and the fundamentals of a strong brand positioning statement
  • Identify a frame of reference and point of difference in the marketplace
  • Analyze a brand position by applying the value equation
  • Discover why and how a brand position may be refined over time

Who should attend

  • Managers in marketing-related roles with 2-8 years of experience who are looking to enhance their marketing strategy skills
  • Individuals who are in a marketing role as part of an organizational rotation assignment
  • Ideal for teams within an organization who want to communicate in a common marketing language

Trust the experts

Florian Zettelmeyer

Florian Zettelmeyer is the Nancy L. Ertle Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He also founded and directs the Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg, the school's Big Data and Analytics initiative.  Prior to his appointment at Kellogg he was an As...


Timothy Calkins

Tim Calkins helps people build strong and profitable brands. He is Clinical Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management where he teaches courses including Marketing Strategy and Biomedical Marketing in the full-time, part-time and international executive MB...


Kent Grayson

As part of the Kellogg Markets & Customers Initiative (KMCI), Kent is the faculty director and co-founder of The Trust Project at Northwestern, a digital platform designed to provide different perspectives on the concept of trust as well as highlight the connections between these perspectives...


Lakshman Krishnamurthi

Lakshman Krishnamurthi is the A. Montgomery Ward Distinguished Professor of Marketing. He has been a faculty at Kellogg from 1980 -88, and from 1990 to the present. He has degrees in engineering from IIT, Madras, an MBA from LSU, and an MS in statistics as well as a Ph.D. in marketing from Stanfo...


Anne Coughlan

Anne Coughlan holds the Polk Brothers Chair in Retailing, and is a Professor of Marketing, at the Kellogg School of Management. She joined the faculty in 1985. Dr. Coughlan's main research interests are in the areas of distribution channels, sales force management and compensation, and pricing. C...


Julie Hennessy

Julie Hennessy is a Clinical Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Professor Hennessy's MBA and Executive teaching focuses on the development of Marketing Strategies to enhance long-term competitive advantage and profitability. She works frequently...


Alice Tybout

Alice M. Tybout is the Harold T. Martin Professor of Marketing. She served as chairperson of the Marketing Department 2004-2006. Professor Tybout teaches in the MBA and Executive Masters Programs. In addition, she is the academic director and faculty for the Kellogg on Consumer Marketing Strategy...


Eric Leininger

Eric Leininger joined the Kellogg School faculty full time in September 2010, coming from McDonald's Corporation, where he was corporate senior vice president since 2004. He has been an affiliated faculty member since 1997. With Professor Gregory Carpenter, Eric leads The Kellogg Chief Marketing...


Alexander Chernev

Alexander Chernev is a professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He holds a PhD in psychology from Sofia University and a PhD in business administration from Duke University. Dr. Chernev’s research applies theories and concepts related to consumer beh...


Aparna Labroo

Dr. Labroo is a Consumer Psychologist who joined Kellogg as Professor of Marketing in 2013. Her research investigates how people can be nudged into taking actions beneficial to them and to society in the long run. In particular, her expertise is in understanding how people's feelings impact such ...


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