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About the course

Let’s face it, your processes are complex and the “siloed” organization that was created to manage the complexities of day-to-day operations isn’t necessarily process- or customer-oriented. As a result, conflicting priorities and perceptions impact process flow, generate hidden costs and lengthen customer response times.

That is why business process management remains vital to the success of your business and your career.

True Business Process Management (BPM) enables you to eliminate the inefficiency that is built into most cross-functional processes while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction, thereby improving business results even in a challenging business environment.

Program Benefits*

The Business Process Management Boot Camp is a five-day seminar that is compatible with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals’ (ABPMP) Comprehensive Body of Knowledge. It provides tools and techniques you need to regain and maintain a cross-functional focus that:

  • Maximizes value creation for the customer
  • Optimizes process flow to minimize waste and cycle service time
  • Sustains excellence and fosters strategic breakthroughs via innovation
  • Foster teamwork and cross-silo cooperation

The skills delivered in this seminar can be applied in manufacturing, service, health care and public sector organizations.

Program Outline

Day 1 – Process Mapping & Modeling

  • Systems Thinking
  • Design vs. Deployment issues
  • Process Mapping
  • Top-down flowchart
  • Logic diagram
  • Cross-functional map

Day 2 – Process Analysis

  • Analyzing flowcharts
  • Identifying pulse points (metrics)
  • Managing Variation
    • Histograms
    • Control charts
    • Root cause analysis
  • Incremental improvement

Day 3 – Process (Re-)Design

  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Innovation
    • Six Hats Thinking
    • Five Max method
    • Process extension
  • Solution Identification and Evaluation
  • To-Be Process Documentation

Day 4 – Process Transformation

  • Change Management
    • Communicating to achieve buy-in
    • Overcoming resistance and conflict
  • Solution Deployment
    • Project management
    • Making solutions sustainable
  • Integration

Day 5 – Managing Business Processes

  • 7 Necessities of Operational Excellence
  • Building a new foundation
  • Cross-functional management models
  • Process management roles
  • BPM Maturity
  • ABPMP certification

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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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