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Enterprise Risk Management

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About the course

Build a strong foundation in risk management planning and execution, and understand your role and the roles of others in it. This program — grounded in real-world scenarios and outcomes — helps leaders develop strategies and action plans for identifying, prioritizing, and addressing risk. Covering everything from the nature and sources of risk to supporting a risk management culture, this experience provides the tools and context for success in this critical area.

Learning Objectives and Program Impact

  • Understand the nature of risk and how to identify it.
  • Explore real-world examples based on your own risk assessment.
  • Participate in focused exercises to identify additional risks.
  • Learn to develop strategies and action plans for addressing risk.
  • Understand your role in developing and executing a risk management plan, while fostering a culture that will support it.

Sample Agenda

Day 1:

  • A Changing World: The Need for Increased Vigilance
  • The Nature of Risk
  • Industry and Company Philosophy and Tolerance for Risk
  • The Risk Triangle
  • Sources of Risk
  • An Introduction to Risk Identification and Prioritization Tools

Day 2:

  • Leadership’s Role in Risk Management
  • Strategies for Risk Management
  • Linking Risk Management to Strategic Planning
  • Cultural Aspects of Risk Management
  • Operationalizing Enterprise Risk Management

Who should attend

  • Leaders at all levels who will benefit from understanding the nature of risk and strategies to address it
  • Senior leaders with responsibility for risk management

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