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Enhancing Sales Force Performance

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Unleashing the full potential of the sales force to drive revenues while keeping costs under control.

Organisations spend more money on their sales force than other forms of customer communication. Despite spending heavily on the sales force, sales managers struggle with managing the efforts of their salespeople to enhance their productivity, while increasing their efficiency. This course we will tackle the issues of how sales managers can effectively manage their sales team, while not losing sight of efficiency.

In this programme we will explore the three Ps of successful sales management: Process, people, and performance. The process refers to the sales activities that salespeople engage in and how this has an impact on the sales strategy of the firm including the appropriate sales force structure, organisation, and roles. The people aspect will focus on the coaching and the motivating factors that will drive the efforts of the sales force. The last part of the program will focus on evaluating the performance of the sales force

6 benefits of effective sales force management in an organisation:

  • Increased the topline growth of your organisation;
  • Reduced selling, general and administrative expenses;
  • Increased levels of satisfaction and loyalty of customers;
  • Enhanced sales person retention;
  • Increased market coverage; and
  • Improved management of third-party partners.

How you will benefit:

  • Implement key building blocks of a sales programme;
  • Understand the impact of the sales process on the sales strategy of the sales organisation;
  • Decide on the type of sales force needed to achieve the organisation’s objectives;
  • Right size the sales force;
  • Coach and lead the sales force;
  • Leverage the quota setting and incentive programmes to motivate the sales force; and
  • Evaluating the performance of your sales force.

Additional information:

  • The evolution of the sales function from pushing products to the trusted advisor;
  • Challenges facing the sales manager;
  • How to structure the sales organisation and staff them with the right people;
  • Setting the right Key Performance Indicators;
  • Coaching different profiles of salespeople; and
  • A mixture of case studies and practical exercises will be used to ensure that you are able to fully understand the content, and apply your learnings back in the workplace.

Who should attend

If you fulfil any of the following three roles, this programme is relevant to you:

  • You are a sales manager/sales director who has to manage your sales force;
  • You are an entrepreneur who has plans to scale up your business by investing in a sales team;
  • You are a business development executive who is tasked with setting up and managing a local sales organisations; and
  • You are a general manager/managing director/ CCO/CSO.


I am passionate about sharing my experiences that I have gained while working with over 30 companies, about how companies that are transitioning through a change process manage their sales and service organisations to ensure maximum effectiveness while continuing to be efficient. Deva Rangarajan...


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Detailed Description
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