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SIM Professional Development

Enhancing Critical Administrative Skills

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Jul 18—19
2 days
SGD 642 ≈USD 471
SGD 321 per day


Introduction The constantly evolving workplace demands lifelong learning to acquire knowledge and skills, as well as develop a positive attitude to succeed in one’s job. Administrative professionals need to diligently build competences that can satisfy the requirements of emerging business trends. You also need mental flexibility to adapt and keep pace with the rapidly changing customer preferences and information technologies. This course will help you strengthen three key skills for critical administrative effectiveness: personal, technical and interpersonal. You will learn to cultivate effective work habits and develop management desired qualities to prepare for promotional opportunities.

Benefits to You


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

Manage four key areas that affect personal effectiveness

Build five management desired qualities for advancement

Develop skills to harness information technologies to maximise productivity

Enhance communication with listening, questioning and informing skills

Contribute as a team player for win-win teamwork

Programme Outline

Key Topics

Advancing Personal Skills

  1. Managing Personal Effectiveness

Discovering the Key to Growth

Building the Vital Components

Conducting a Personal Audit

  1. Building Self-Esteem

Harnessing Self Image Visualisation

Practising Positive Self Talk

Constructing a Personal Mission Statement

  1. Preparing for Opportunities

Defining Success

Cultivating Effective Habits

Developing Management Desired Qualities

** Enhancing Technical Skills**

  1. Enhancing Communication

Heightening Listening Skills

Employing Probing Skills

Improving Informing Skills

  1. Managing Information Technology

Mining Data for Insights

Supporting Impactful Presentations

Practising Technology Etiquette

  1. Handling Confidentiality

Appreciating Confidentiality

Observing Verbal Confidentiality

Protecting Document Confidentiality

  1. Organising Meetings

Managing Supervisor’s Diary

Making Travel Arrangements

Assembling a Meeting Checklist

** Enriching Interpersonal Skills**

  1. Managing Personalities

Analysing Personalities

Identifying Your Personality Type

Bridging Personality Differences

  1. Building Win-Win Teamwork

Leveraging Diversity for Synergy

Recognising Interdependence

Achieving Win-Win Outcomes

  1. Taking Ownership

Setting Goals

Outlining Actions

Determining Deadlines


Workshop based, participants will engage in group and individual projects that simulate work situations. Case studies and videos will be employed where appropriate to enhance learning. This workshop promises fun as you learn!

Who should attend

  • (Level 1) Administrative & Support
  • (Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers


Dr. Mark Loo holds a PhD in Management (Marketing) as well as trainer certifications from US, Canada and UK where he earned certification in Sales Training and Field Sales Management. He has worked in sales and marketing positions in diverse industries including office automation, multilevel ma...
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