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Executive School of Management, Technology and Law

Energy & IT Law (Certificate of Advanced Studies in European and International Business Law)

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Oct 28—Nov 2
6 days
Austin, Texas, USA
CHF 6000 ≈USD 5913
CHF 1000 per day


Today's digital technology makes global copying and distribution of texts easy, fast and inexpensive. Copyright law is adapted to this development. During the module, candidates learn how to identify problems arising out of the new requirements and how to deal with them. Energy laws govern the use and taxation of energy, both renewable and nonrenewable. Energy law involves innumerable aspects of international business law and is therefore a must for business lawyers and for managers. The University of Texas at Austin, one of the best universities in the United States, has been a pioneer and is a leader in this field.

  • Introduction to American Contract Law
  • Electronic Commerce B2B, B2C
  • Software Protection
  • International Internet Law
  • US Patent Remedies
  • Ownership Regimes for Mineral Development around the World
  • Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements and Traditional Service Contracts
  • International Arbitration in Energy Disputes
  • Competitive Energy Market
  • Wind Law
Texas LBJ School

Advanced Purchasing Law

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Jun 19—20
2 days
Austin, TX, USA
USD 435
USD 217 per day

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This session builds upon the fundamental course in purchasing law. This course reviews requirements or obligations under UCC Sales Contracts, including performance obligations of the buyer and seller and remedies for breach of contract. Also covered are statutes relating to Government Regulation of the Purchasing Function including an overview of Intellectual Property (trade secrets, patents, copyrights), Federal Statutes affecting purchasing (Sherman Antitrust Act, FTC Act, Robinson-Patman Act, Bankruptcy), and a brief review of federal Environmental Laws which may affect purchasing decisions. In addition, there are several types of dispute resolution processes, which are briefly discussed: litigation, mediation, and arbitration. Since manufacturers and sellers may also find themselves embroiled in product liability lawsuits, the basics of this cause of action are discussed with tips for purchasing professionals to minimize the risk of liability.

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the requirements or obligations under UCC Sales Contracts;
  • List the performance obligations of the buyer and seller and the remedies for breach of contract;
  • Recognize various types of dispute resolution processes;
  • List federal environmental laws which may affect purchasing decisions;
  • Summarize various federal statutes relating to purchasing functions; and,
  • Identify tips for purchasing professionals to minimize the risks to their organization when involved with product liability lawsuits.

Who should attend

This program is targeted towards individuals involved in purchasing/procurement activities who desire a more in-depth understanding of purchasing law.

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