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About the course

Discover crucial elements of contractual relationships and understand the importance of terms of employment when creating and varying contracts.

This 1-day course aims to discuss crucial elements of contractual relationships, from the beginning to the end of the employee/employer relationship helping you to understand the importance of terms of employment and key considerations when creating and varying contracts.


By the end of the Employment Status and Contracts course, you'll be able to:

  • understand the way that employment status is defined within an organisation and by UK courts
  • appreciate the sources of contractual obligation
  • understand the key issues with entering into employment contracts
  • identify and advise on the key elements of an employment contract.

Advice on the practical issues to be taken into account when drafting or amending contracts.


Employment status

  • Who is an employee?
  • Workers
  • Agency staff
  • Zero-hours contracts
  • Express terms
  • Implied terms
  • Incorporated Terms
  • Common Law rights and duties
  • Collective agreements

Possible sources of contractual obligations

  • Express terms
  • Implied terms
  • Incorporated Terms
  • Common Law rights and duties
  • Collective agreements

Entering into an employment contract

  • Essential elements of a contract
  • Tools of recruitment
  • Offers of employment
  • Misrepresentation and mistake
  • Acceptance
  • Conditional offers
  • Vetting and barring
  • References
  • Medical reports
  • Withdrawal of offers
  • Illegal contracts

Types of contract

  • Permanent contracts
  • Part time employment
  • Fixed term and temporary working

Key elements of an employment contract

  • Key issues
  • Basic terms
  • The process
  • Equal pay
  • Written particulars
  • Discretionary terms
  • Continuity of employment

How a contract may be varied

  • Using a contractual right
  • By agreement
  • By implication
  • Dismissal and re-engagement
  • Discrimination
  • Collective consultation

Indicative programme content:

Employment status, worker status, continuity of employment, immigration regulations, part-time and fixed term work, establishing and changing contracts, express and implied terms, written statements of major terms and conditions, Working Time Regulations, wages and salaries, unlawful deductions, NMW, payment of SSP, protection of trade secrets.

Who should attend

HR practitioners or line managers responsible for employment law issues within their organisation.

Trust the experts

Cas Carrington

Cas Carrington is an extremely experienced employment law advisor and tutor who is widely known for her lively and informal style of delivering complex employment law issues and concepts. Cas is also an employee relations expert and her straightforward approach to tackling employee relations and...


Kate Shepherd

Kate Shepherd is a charismatic employment lawyer who specialises in HR and employment law training. She is a qualified solicitor and practised employment law at a senior level within a leading practice in the Midlands. Kate represented Claimants and Respondents throughout the employment tribunal...


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