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About the course

Understanding and complying with the legal framework for employment relations in New Zealand

Complying with the maze of employment laws is essential in any workplace. Avoiding avoidable mistakes makes for an efficient and productive workplace. The course provides a workable and practical way to meet the organisations legal obligations. Also how to operate efficiently, effectively and still comply with the legal constraints.

In making decisions in the workplace the manager needs to understand the boundaries wherein those decisions must be made. The manager also needs to understand the implications of any breach. How to remedy any potential issues before they become expensive in terms of legal sanctions and costs to the business.

This course will provide the manager with these essential skills.

Topics covered

The course will address the individual pieces of legislation that have an impact on the workplace. We will look at:

  • Employment agreement negotiations and the legal requirements involved.
  • The role of unions and the collective bargaining process.
  • The statutory employment institutions will be examined. How they operate and how the manager will need to act when the business is involved in proceedings therein.
  • The complicated issue of holidays including: public holiday rights and obligations, annual holidays, sick leave, bereavement leave, and parental leave and employment protection.

Please note, the course is not designed to cover in-depth the new health and safety legislation other than in principle.

All the matters covered impact on every workplace irrespective of size and the manager must understand these legal obligations. This course will ensure that.


You will:

  • Develop greater confidence in your role as a manager.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the law allowing more efficient decision making.
  • Become more confident managing employees knowing the constraints and consequences of any decisions made.
  • Develop knowledge of how to manage union related issues.
  • Increase your ability to problem solve potential employment issues

Your organisation will:

  • Enhance productivity in the workplace.
  • Avoid incurring costs from mishandled employment issues, e.g. personal grievances.
  • Save legal costs by avoiding legal pitfalls and managing legal issues correctly.
  • Increase its ability to manage employment related issues with unions.

Who should attend

  • Managers responsible for employees
  • Human Resource Managers, Employment Relations Managers and Industrial Relations Managers

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Scott Worthy

Scott Worthy is Senior Associate at Kiely Thompson Caisley, New Zealand’s leading boutique employment law firm. Scott has broad experience advising on the full range of employment law issues. He frequently provides advice on restructuring and redundancy, managing employee performance, disciplin...


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