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Emotional Intelligence & Coaching

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About the course

Learn to utilize Emotional Intelligence to become a stronger more empowering leader. While technical and professional competence is essential in the workplace, emotional intelligence (EI) is a better predictor of success. Additionally, EI has been shown to be higher for successful leaders. This program is built on the foundation of EI and enables participants to build skills to enhance their work and personal environments.

Why This Program?

Our program is grounded in the science of psychology and research on EI; being able to monitor one’s own and other’s feelings and to use this to guide thinking and action. The program focuses on three elements essential to leadership: understanding how our emotions drive us (the Self), how we express our emotions and interact with others (the Environment), and how we use emotional intelligence to shape our futures (the Vision). By the end of the workshop, you will have a solid foundation of EI and put it into action with the power of coaching. Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Receive your own EI profile
  • Articulate the components and subscales that define EI
  • Learn strategies to leverage your EI
  • Identify areas of personal growth for your self
  • Communicate directly
  • Exhibit deep listening
  • Engage with others in a trusting manner
  • Engage with others in a trusting manner
  • Demonstrate questioning with intent
  • Establish accountability
  • Identify your signature leadership style
  • Develop your personal management plan for success

Who should attend

This program is ideal for managers or executives who want to enhance their leadership presence and impact.

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Janice Gair

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Hayley Hesseln

Dr. Hayley Hesseln has dedicated her 20-year career as a university professor to teaching and learning. She is an economist and professor at the University of Saskatchewan and their 2017 Master Teacher award recipient. She holds extensive experience working with Indigenous communities in the Nort...


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