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About the course

Structuring your business through radical change.

Embrace and understand how disruption works so that you and your organisation can benefit from these inevitable changes.

The game is changing and it's changing fast. All industries are prone to disruption, but if your organisation is in the media, telecommunications, financial services, retail, technology, transportation, hospitality or consulting industry, it's at an increased risk of experiencing competition from non-traditional sources.

Join Carlo van de Weijer, a Silicon Valley- based Singularity University faculty member and an internationally acclaimed speaker on exponential organisations and the future of mobility, as he explores the systems, processes and people behind disruption.

How you will benefit

At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the new reality of radical change and disruption, and how to embrace and facilitate it rather than fight it;
  • Take advantage of exponential changes and disruption;
  • Work with internal and external tool sets to be able to grow your organisation exponentially and improve its agility;
  • Learn techniques to create lean and agile structures to make an organisation fit for radical, unforeseen disruption;
  • Understand rules and guidelines to be successful in the world of data;
  • Understand practical examples of disrupted markets or markets in disruption, with a focus on the transportation industry, as well as the health, energy and high-tech industries;
  • Defend your organisation against disruption from multinationals and fast-growing companies, as well as start-ups; and
  • Understand how to respond to being disrupted and regaining market share or exploring new markets.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Understanding theory behind exponential change and disruption and the consequential societal and business impact;
  • Learn how organisations have responded to, and what they have done to overcome disruption;
  • Exposure to practical experiences from disrupted markets or markets in disruption, with a focus on the transportation industry, but also examples from the health, energy and high-tech industries;
  • Experiences of disruption, from multinationals and fast growing companies to start-ups;
  • Recognising the importance of data in new business models and how to cope with it’s potential to disrupt;
  • Reflecting on insights on the future of innovation, change and the future of work, and how to structure companies to be agile and fit to face a new reality; and
  • Understand how businesses can respond to being disrupted and can regain market share or explore new markets.

Who should attend

  • General managers;
  • Human research professionals;
  • Professionals in high-tech or related industries; and
  • Individuals and teams from start-ups and scale-ups.

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