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Sauder School of Business

Effective Writing for Business

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Next dates

Jun 12—13
2 days
Vancouver, BC, Canada
CAD 1695 ≈USD 1266
CAD 847 per day
Aug 13—14
2 days
Vancouver, BC, Canada
CAD 1695 ≈USD 1266
CAD 847 per day


Strategies for Writing Reader-Focused Emails, Letters and Proposals

Former course title: Power Writing for Business Leaders

This program employs a unique strategic approach to writing effective business documents. You will learn to apply a reader-focused mindset for planning, organizing, drafting, refining and evaluating messages that capture the interest and commitment of busy readers. You will also engage in skill building exercises designed to increase your proficiency as a writer of impactful emails, letters and business proposals.


You will complete an online survey to identify your learning goals and writing proficiency.


  • Apply effective strategic planning and writing tactics for enhanced fluency and readability
  • Plan your messages to become more reader-focused
  • Adapt your writing style, content and format to engage different reader styles
  • Write emails, letters and proposals that are more consistent, concise and clear
  • Improve the tone and impact of your emails and letters
  • Learn techniques for writing more persuasive proposals
  • Apply time-saving techniques to overcome “brain fog”

Course Content

  • Writing to engage diverse readers: identifying and appealing to diverse reader styles, evaluating your message from a reader’s perspective
  • Writing reader-focused emails: engaging readers through an email format, clarifying the reading purpose and achieving consistency, choosing precise and concise words, striking a positive tone
  • Planning emails and letters: keeping the message focused, conveying routine information, bad news and value-added benefits
  • Planning proposals: organizing and sequencing the structure, appealing to readers and creating a sense of urgency, overcoming "brain fog," building a persuasive case for approval
  • Guidelines for writing efficiently: mapping key ideas before you write, exploring patterns to determine your key message and idea components, getting your ideas on paper spontaneously, evaluating your first draft, refining the second draft

Special Features

You will work both individually and in groups to plan, draft and refine clear, concise and convincing reader-focused messages for emails, letters and proposals.

You will also receive various tools for writing correctly and effectively.

Who should attend

Business professionals who want to improve their planning and writing skills in order to engage a diverse readership for their emails, letters and proposals.


Biography Gail is one of Canada’s most experienced negotiators and professional instructors in the field of business negotiating and innovative negotiated solutions. She is a Harvard University trained specialist in both collaborative and competitive bargaining methods, and facilitates negotiati...


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Detailed Description
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