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Nanyang Technological University Center for Continuing Education

Available dates

Nov 21—22, 2019
2 days
SGD 631 ≈USD 462
SGD 315 per day


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About the course

Events are part and parcel of the corporate life. There are all types of events being organised ranging from launch of new products to analyst briefings to customer functions to road shows and press conference etc… A well-organised and effective event will help enhance the corporate image and increase sales potentials whilst a badly organised one will reflect poorly on the organisation.

Many marketing professional learn the event organising skills through trial and error in their career. This course attempt to provide them with the knowledge and skills acquired through experience.

This will be a practical course whereby you learn how to :

  • Organise a more effective and impressive event
  • Develop an event management (checklist) and how to avoid possible mistakes and pitfalls
  • Brief, organise and manage the organising team, suppliers and event partners and manage the overall budget effectively
  • Develop an Integrated Event Marketing approach for better impact

The course also foster team work and cooperation among the participants Through this course, the learners will gain some practical knowledge on organising an event and some of the pitfalls to avoid as well as understand the different type of events and their requirements.


  • Understand purpose of event & event objectives
  • Develop the event positioning & concept/ theme & event brief
  • Discuss the challenges of different target groups & venues
  • Develop the event timeline, budget & checklists
  • Manage event suppliers & event team
  • Manage the expectations, budget & timelines
  • Develop an Integrated Event Marketing approach for better impact
  • Examine the requirements of different types of events
  • Apply contingency planning


List the different types of events and discuss their requirements/implications

How to get started

  • Event Concept, objectives and positioning
  • Target groups and expectations
  • Date and Time of event
  • Venue selection
  • Program and Entertainment
  • Estimated Budget

Creating an effective Team

  • Organise the event team
  • Manage external partners and suppliers

Managing the Event

  • Project Management
  • Budget Control

Organising the different events

  • Press Conference
  • Overseas Event
  • Outdoor Event
  • Conference and workshop
  • Exhibition and Road-show
  • Product Launch

Event Logistics

  • Invites / Tickets
  • Catering
  • Staging and Signage
  • General Checklist

Organising a Great Event

  • Catering for the unexpected
  • Integrated event marketing
  • Tips for Organising a Great Event

Who should attend

Young Marketing Executives (less than 3 years experience) and other Non-Marketing Professionals who need to organise events in the course of work.

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Lina Tan

Lina Tan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the National University of Singapore and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. Lina Tan has close to 20 years of Strategic Planning, Marketing Management and Communications experience in various industries both regionally and ...


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