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Improving Communications

Effective Business Writing

Sep 17, 2019
New York, New York, United States
USD 694
USD 694 per day

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Be a better and more confident writer.

Master skills that are necessary in today’s competitive business environment. Learn to write in a way that elevates you with increased confidence and enthusiasm. The focus of Effective Business Writing training is how to organize ideas and communicate clearly. This class will show you how to write in a concise manner with conviction. For business professionals who have written contact with others, these areas of development are necessary. Improved written English means increased internal and external customer satisfaction.

Attendees Will Be Able To:

  • Get document-writing started, increasing efficiency;
  • Gain greater awareness of audience and how to communicate ideas effectively;
  • Organize writing, following guidelines for appropriate style;
  • Write correctly and successfully, eliminating the need for constant revision;
  • Edit writing with confidence; and
  • Communicate more clearly, fostering an increased perception of expertise.

Format—Effective Business Writing is an 8-hour class for up to 20 people.

Rady School of Management

Effective Business Writing: Crafting Clear, Concise and Compelling Content

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Oct 8, 2019
San Diego, California, United States
USD 400
USD 400 per day


A recent study of 100 LinkedIn profiles found that those possessing strong writing skills received considerably more promotions over a ten-year period than their colleagues demonstrating weaker writing skills. Business writing skills can have wide-ranging, effects on your career. Such skills can affect your ability to create successful business plans, attract investors, communicate with employees, and communicate with clients. The skills learned in this course will enable you to communicate clearly, concisely, and creatively via the written word—the skills you need to get your points across effectively and distinguish yourself from the competition. Many of the skills you learn in this course can also be applied to your presentations.


This course will teach you the skills you need to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively to your audience and to make your writing stand out. You will learn how to get the ideas out of your head onto paper and how to organize those ideas cohesively. You will also learn how to make your writing stronger, less generic, clearer, and more engaging.


Upon finishing this course, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Overcome writers block
  • Organize ideas around a central point
  • Revise effectively
  • Prune the unnecessary words and phrases that compromise the strength of your writing
  • Form strong, active sentences
  • Make complex ideas reader-friendly
  • Create engaging prose
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