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Effective Application of Supervisory Techniques

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About the course

A key to successful supervision resides in the ability of the supervisor to be able to lead, guide, grow, develop and support team members and the organization as a whole.

This course focuses on the need of supervisors to possess, and use effectively, the wisdom that comes from self-awareness and the awareness of the needs of others. Participants will examine their personality preferences and learn about the preferences of others so that they may adapt and connect to an ever changing, challenging organizational landscape that is today's diverse workplace.

Through the administration and use of Insights Discovery®, a Jungian based personality assessment tool, the course will enable and empower participants to positively and productively engage in the effective application of supervisory techniques and to discuss, share, and apply the course concepts to real world and relevant situations.

Target Areas of Knowledge

  • Supervisory awareness
  • Self-awareness as it relates to personality preferences
  • Understanding of the personality preferences of others
  • Managing today's workforce
  • How to align workflow and processes to match employee preferences
  • Adapting, connecting, and employee engagement strategies
  • Real world application of supervisory techniques

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Increased self-awareness of personality preferences
  • Increased awareness of the personality preferences of others
  • The ability to adapt and connect to the needs of others as it relates to leading, guiding, growing, developing and supporting team members
  • Supervisory tools and resources to empower personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Ability to apply course content to real world situations and scenarios, accelerating the effective application of course materials and resources

Who should attend

Aspiring or newly promoted supervisors, process and production supervisors, front-line supervisors, and experienced supervisors who wish to gain knowledge, information and resources to be an effective leader and supervisor in today's diverse work environment.

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