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Edward de Bono's six Thinking Hats®

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Jun 13—14
2 days
SGD 1230 ≈USD 902
SGD 615 per day
Sep 19—20
2 days
SGD 1230 ≈USD 902
SGD 615 per day
Nov 7—8
2 days
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Many do not realise that the human brain (hardware) does no come equipped with the software which will ensure optimum usage. All human endeavor begins with the THINKING process. QUALITY THINKING is thus essential for good decision making. The Six Thinking Hats® is based on De Bono’s empirical research as to how the brain actually works. Stubborn limiting perspectives of an issue by using other hats which offer different aspects of the issue under review. The users are thus made aware of other aspects which contradict their existing perspectives on the matter – thus making for more realistic and honest appraisals. The GREEN HAT will cover some preliminary insights into the nature and principles of Creativity including a simple but powerful methods of generating new ideas and concepts for innovative applications. As a language of THINKING it will allow for better managed meetings, clarity of thinking, reduced meeting times without compromising the quality of the decision making function.

Benefits to You


Organisations can expect better business outcomes resulting from more REALISTIC GOAL formulation, more COMPREHENSIVE PERCEPTIONS of situations; PRAGMATIC STRATEGIES, fresh CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE ways to attain business or organisational goals. Businesses can expect more concerted effort from a more cohesive and supportive workforce because decisions and strategies factor in their realistic thinking contributions resulting in better buy-in from the participants. Used with client and partners, the method also allows for better understanding of their views and requirements leading to better value service and deliverables. As a language of communication within the organization, it allows leaders and business owners to effectively TAP THE FULL THINKING POTENTIAL of the organisation.


•Understand the rationale for the need to use the Method to think over serious issues

•Learn the function of each of the Six Hats and the situations in which their application becomes necessary

•Learn when to use a particular hat to ensure that essential aspects and perceptions are identified and understood.

•Learn to use the hats to design effective presentations

•Learn to use the hats to facilitate important meetings, forums and deliberations

Programme Outline

•Introduction to de Bono’s thinking methods

•Explanation of the Six Hats in detail – functions and parameters

•Learning to facilitate with the Six Hats

•How to design a Hats Sequence for a thinking session

•Introduction to Lateral Thinking: its function and Methodology

•Feedback and discussion

•Q&A and summary

Photographs may be taken for seminar records.

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors

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