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Edward de Bono's Power of Perception™

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90% of errors in thinking are errors of perception rather than of analysis. We are all victims of the classic problem of climbing a ladder with several rungs missing. Most of us have a narrow and fixed view of the world. We see things only from our own perspective. This tunnel vision results in judgments and decisions that may not be the best for ourselves or those around us. Power of PerceptionTM provides you with 10 tools to broaden your thinking. These tools provide insights to help you make better decisions.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes :

Your organisation / user will gain reputation as one that seriously and effectively listens to the requirements and views of its partners / workforce/clients and is able to offer alternatives in terms of relevant solutions and perceptions to the issue in question. The use of the tools will also make for sound value oriented advice and clearly propose well prioritised schedules for action. Most importantly one will be able to recognise the real issue at hand and help identify the right focuses for effective problem solving and formulation of strategies.

Learning Outcomes :

Evaluate with more depth – going beyond the inadequate PRO-CONS dichotomy to include possible INTERESTING considerations and ensuring that no significant FACTOR is overlooked in the accounting

Predict possible scenarios in time differentiated projections of future developments term

Increase awareness of perceptions of other stakeholders in terms of key VALUES and PRIORITIES

Learn to accurately identify the issue in question vis-à-vis clear definitions of GOALS and desired OUTCOMES

Programme Outline

Difference between Perception and Processing and their relative importance

Why Perception must account for the LANDSCAPE

How to create a LANDSCAPE

9 1 tools of the ‘Power of Perception” Method

Practice in using the tools to achieve better decision making

Learning to select and sequence the tools

Practice applying the tools in specific scenarios

Constructing a framework for action using the POP tools

Please note that photographs may be taken for seminar records.

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors


Peter was specially selected by Edward de Bono in 1992 to be among the first 12 persons in the world to be personally trained and certified by him to provide training in the Six Thinking Hats® System, Lateral Thinking™ and Creativity Programs, The Power of Perception™ program, Focus on Facilitati...
As Edward de Bono’s official representative in Asia, Linda has been key to the popularity of the guru’s thinking techniques in Asia for the last 28 years. In 2002, due to her phenomenal performance as a trainer, she was among only three trainers worldwide to be awarded Lifetime Certification in ...
Mr Stephen Ho is a dynamic and impactful speaker. He has extensive experience in the fields of public speaking, training and organisational development as well as managing large-scale international business operations for over 20 years. His other areas of expertise include business process re-eng...
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