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About the course

The ECQ Writing Seminar is an opportunity to learn the process of becoming a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) from beginning to end, starting with your career plan, your resume, how to present your qualifications in a convincing manner, and learning the processes used by agencies and OPM. The course then will give you the tools you need to make your application stand out and meet the requirements of both the agency and OPM.

The path to the Senior Executive Service often seems unclear. Agencies post SES openings and select candidates, but the Office of Personnel Management then has a separate and rigorous SES selection process, in which a panel of SES members independently evaluates the agency candidate against the government-wide standards for qualified executives. What is the agency looking for, and what does OPM expect of candidates? How should you approach the agency application and selection process? How can you be sure that your application demonstrates the five ECQs and their underlying competencies?

Program Benefits:

  • Sharpen your résumé to make your executive qualities stand out
  • Gain a set of tools with which you can sort through your career experiences to find and explain the best examples of your executive competencies
  • Use practical exercises with your peers and instructors to learn how to write compelling applications

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