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  • 12 weeks
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Hyper Island


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About the course

An intensive online program that will give you the tools, coaching, and network to drive real change in your organization.

Be the change maker in your organization You’re driving change in your organization, working hard to meet new and complex challenges. We get that it’s tough. This program is all about learning how to make real change happen. The program blends online learning with offline doing to strengthen your confidence, competence, and peer network to lead that change and have an impact. You can get theory from books and blogs but this program is about putting ideas into action and get things done. Get effective methods to assess the current state, engage with stakeholders, design your roadmap for change, and prototype the future.

Working directly with your own transformation case, you’ll learn an applicable playbook for driving change, including instantly useful methods, guiding templates and tangible cases. All while hacking your own case with support from our coaches, other program participants and your colleagues. An intensive 6 weeks of real-time learning-by-doing and coaching to unlock progress for your case. Overcome the resistance by learning to influence through storytelling, engage people in new ways, coach yourself through tand dare to take action.

Six areas of study

Creating a case for change Build strong foundations for your transformation, outline your change case and get to know your peers to build a support network around you.

Learning from the future Explore how you can let the future inform your change case, question your assumptions and shift your mindset to imagine a future where your transformation has taken hold.

Engagement & barriers Learn how to facilitate people to think and act differently. Understand how to recognize and remove barriers, and overcome resistance, ingrained culture and legacy structures.

Prototyping & storytelling Test how to show people what the outcomes of your change case could look and feel like. Create a compelling narrative and build ways to allow people to experience it through prototypes.

Building momentum & traction Create a movement behind your change case. Build your coalition by generating awareness, interest, engagement and evangelism. Bring onboard allies and champions of the transformation.

Taking-off Celebrate what you have achieved and create a forward moving energy that keeps the momentum of your change case going to deeply embed new working practices, mindsets and processes.

What you will learn

By the time you finish this course you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away in your work or add to your resume.

  • Know the foundations of change and how to activate transformation in an organisation
  • Understand how a roadmap for change is set up and learn the tools to make one.
  • Know how to frame and clarify the change you are working on to make it achievable
  • Get the tools to rapidly prototype and test change initiatives to make progress incremental
  • Know how the networked society and other trends will impact businesses, individuals and society
  • Co-create, communicate and lead change initiatives to support transformation of your organization
  • Ability to use tools to bring your ideas to life, create compelling narratives and build momentum behind change processes
  • Navigate transformation processes more confidently, working through challenges and barriers by selecting appropriate techniques and approaches
  • Ability to influence and co-create with stakeholders on the transformation
  • Strategies and tactics for building engagement and overcoming resistance to change
  • Capability to make a roadmap for change and to follow it through

How you will learn

The Hyper Island approach is different from traditional online learning. We combine hands-on practice in your workplace with a fast-paced online environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.

Join live session There are two fixed weekly online sessions. Learn and get inspired from live sessions with program coaches, guest experts and other participants.

Peer learning and feedback Work closely with a tight-knit group of other transformation leaders from around the world, all working with similar challenges, across a range of industries. An open online learning environment that encourages and facilitates dialogue, discussion and feedback.

Tools, videos and resources Content kits packed with rich learning materials and useful tools curated to support you to apply immediately on your case. The majority of the program content and tasks are available to go through any time you choose during the week

Weekly challenges Learn by doing, put ideas and tools into practice with weekly challenges to build your skills and generate impact.

Time commitment The program demands high commitment and engagement while being designed to be flexible. Besides the two fixed weekly live sessions, there are 1-2 small group calls each week that can be flexibly scheduled with your peer group. Expect to dedicate 8-10 hours per week for group discussions, webinars, reading and individual work, although often this can be integrated into your existing day to day work.

Individual coaching As part of the program, you will receive one 45 min individual coaching session with one of our course leader. You can decide on the topic. You might want to focus on a specific part of your canvas, on your leadership development or a specific challenge that you are facing.

Videos and materials

Driving Transformation at Hyper Island

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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