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About the course

Indian business community in the last decade or so has witnessed greater business interactions and links with the Chinese counterparts. However, these interactions have been limited to sourcing. Indian investment in mainland China has not seen any significant activity that one can boast of. For a very long time, we consoled ourselves that we can ignore China and invested most of our energies on dealing with the west. Today, with the whole world gradually, albeit hesitantly, acknowledging the emergence of China as a superpower, Indian business community can no more ignore the economic behemoth called China. In other words, whether we invest or don’t invest in China, whether we call China friend or an enemy, whether we professionally deal with China or it’s just a matter of interest, one cannot ignore the China rise story. Therefore, this executive education programme titled ‘Doing Business with (not in) China’ is aimed to give the participants a preliminary exposure to some of the indispensable factors to be kept in mind while engaging in doing business with China. The idea is to convey to the participants that in today’s world China impacts global business like no other country does. Therefore, it is pertinent that the Indian business community has an informed understanding of the evolution of China as an economic superpower.


The MDP is going to be conducted over a period of three days. The modules to be covered during the three days are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction-Why Indian Corporates should be interested in China today? (2 sessions): In this particular session we would examine the overall economic/commercial relevance of China. Then we proceed to questions like a)Is the Indian corporate sector already very late or they still have enough time to benefit by investing in China? b) Is the China Growth Story over? c) Using China as a springboard to reach out to East d) Are there opportunities beyond Shanghai and Beijing?

Module 2: Political and Legal Environment of China (3 sessions): In this module we would we would look at the various dimensions related to the political and legal environment of China. We would examine the relevant government agencies at various levels which regulate foreign investment in China. We will then proceed to examine the various risks/liabilities of investing in China. Given that there are multiple and often contradictory opinions about investing in China we would examine the case of investment in China from a political and legal perspective and examine the various standpoints in terms of the rhetoric and reality. Finally, we would conclude this module by examining the questions related to ease of exit and in case of troubles where to go and whom to go.

Module 3: Innovation and Competitiveness in China (3 sessions): This particular module would deal with the current state of affairs related to the domain of ‘innovation’ (chuang xin). We would discuss about the current state of innovation in the Chinese economy and discuss issues related to the competitiveness, the start-ups and the various issues related to patents and intellectual property rights. We will touch upon some of the important sectors in which innovations are happening at a very rapid pace. We would conclude this module by discussing the various measures taken by the government to support innovation in areas related to science and technology, pharma and sustainability.

Module 4: How Open is China to Overseas Players? (2 sessions):In this module we would discuss various aspects related to the openness of the China with respect to the overseas players. In this regard we would also deal with questions like a) ways in which China perceive Indian Industries and Products b)Does China have a level-playing field? c) Areas in which China is seeking FDI currently and where does India fit in?

Module 5: Conclusion (2 sessions):

This concluding session would deal with themes related to the kind of opportunities available for those business professionals who are looking for new challenges. In this concluding module we would discuss questions like a) What managers can learn by having a stint in China-Professional Development b) How is life like as a Professional in China?(business and cultural) c) Cultural determinants of Chinese negotiations behaviour aspects and d) Factors relevant for success in China (HR issues like recruiting Chinese and understanding their cultural sensitivities.

Who should attend

The three days MDP is designed for business professionals who are engaged at different levels, directly or indirectly, in doing business with China. Those business professionals who are having aspirations to have a stint in China can also benefit from this MDP. Indian businesses sourcing from China and looking for other possible opportunities can also benefit by encouraging and supporting their middle and senior level managers to develop a more informed understanding of various aspects related to doing business with the ‘middle kingdom’.

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