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SIM Professional Development

Discovering Talent Through Strengths

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About the course


Do you wish you can do what you do best and loving it every day? You can, through your Strengths.

When you focus on your Strengths, you are 6 times more engaged in your job and 3 times more likely to be healthier, wealthier and do better in your career and relationships.

Many executives and organisations have benefited from this programme. Learn to uncover your innate talents, build strengths and make transformational changes in your lives for greater personal, relational and business outcomes.

Benefits to You


Discover your Top 5 Signature Talent Themes using the StrengthsFinder assessment and be inspired

Appreciate your unique talent traits

Know the power of what your talents can unleash in you

Learn how you can apply it meaningfully in the areas of work and relationship.


Identify, learn and expand the understanding of the Top 5 Signature Talent Themes.

Gain clarity of who you are, what you have been good at and what you can potentially be very good at.

Understand and apply the principles of strengths-based development to:

  • improve work performance
  • build relationships
  • improve satisfaction and increase engagement in your current job.

Programme Outline

Traits and Contribution of Talents: Understand and define your Top 5 Signature Talent Themes and experientially learn how the themes affect your choices, actions and see value in how you can use your talents. Self-awareness of your unique Talent Themes enables you to understand how you think, feel and behave. It provides the insights into how you relate to another person or approaches the same objectives differently.

Definition and Building of Strengths: Develop awareness and knowledge to further hone your Talents to Strengths and address specific work related-issues and challenges. Talents on their own are not strengths, but potential for strengths. Learn how you can build strengths through your Talent Themes for relationships and performance.

Balconies and Basements of Talents: Experientially learn the dynamics of Talent Themes in action; how Talents can either positively (Balcony) or negatively (Basement) impact self and others in the workplace, and how we can change negative behaviours to positive ones.

Strengths Collaboration: You will gain insights and perspectives through the lenses of talents. Acquire deeper insights and understanding into your own talent themes and learn what every Talent needs in order for it to flourish. Develop more confidence in articulating what your Talent can offer for a more impactful collaboration and maximised performance.

Affirmation and Theme Synthesis: You will explore the power of synthesizing talents, and recognise how Talents drive observable valued behaviours. Derive deeper meanings of Talents through Talents in Action.

The Best of Us: Discover and learn how each participant do what they do best and loving it every day. By understanding how you think, feel and behave, it gives you an insight to finding out your best environment for success and allows you to capitalise on your talent themes and build them into Strengths for maximized performance.

Who should attend

Level 3 - New Managers

Level 4 - Managers

Level 5 - Senior Managers & Directors

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Lim Kim Pong

Kim Pong is the CEO and founder of StrengthsAsia, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Creator of The REFRAME Program, a founding board member of The Transformational Business Network, a global network focused on alleviating poverty in the world, a Certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator and a H...


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