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About the course

For many executives who have already achieved success as a functional expert, stepping up to a wider management role can be a difficult and potentially risky transition. You will need a comprehensive toolkit in order to make this transition from specialist to generalist a successful one.

The newly refreshed Diploma in Advanced Management Performance (AMP) will give executives the confidence to manage the complexity you will be facing as you develop from a specialist into a generalist. In short, AMP’s unique tools and insights will prepare executives to succeed in this most difficult of transitions, the point in a manager’s career when they need to quickly expand their knowledge of business.

It will give executives the solid foundation to be able to go back to work able to ask the right questions and challenge your teams to think differently. The combination of theory and real-world application with an immersive learning experience makes this a very practical programme. Participants will return to their organisation with the necessary analytical skills and strategic toolkit for improving both short-term and long-term performance.

Assessments and Workload

This programme involves no examinations – instead the emphasis throughout is on the practical application of knowledge to your personal and organisation’s benefit. Assessment workload is spread across the duration of the programme to allow you to combine learning with work and life demands. In order to accelerate learning, between modules participants are expected to complete assigned reading from texts, cases and articles. All continuous assessment is completed by participants either individually or in groups and this is set out in the study guide for each module. Some modules require pre-coursework in addition to the post-coursework which is set for each taught module.

Course Content


  • Align organisational marketing strategy between marketing competencies, customers and competitors;
  • Understand how to leverage current market position to sustain growth whilst identifying and exploiting new market opportunities;
  • Manage marketing relationships for long-term commercial benefit;
  • Develop a marketing dashboard to drive team performance from the leadership team.


  • Gain insights into the role and importance of operations and supply chain management;
  • Identify opportunites for competitive advantage through supply chain innovation and operations;
  • Examine the drivers of operational excellence and the participant role as a senior leader;
  • Learn why some companies consistently execute better than others.


  • Explore principles and tools for effective decision making and strategy execution;
  • Decision-making in uncertain and complex conditions, ensuring that organisational decision processes are effective;
  • Setting goals and motivating people to achieve them;
  • Effective feedback principles for reaching those goals, and creative problem solving.


  • Understanding the language, philisophy and tools necessary to lead projects from inception through completion;
  • Deevelop a methodological approach to plan, organise, motivate, and control resources in order to achieve specific business outcomes;
  • Learn how to manage projects in a fast paced every changing VUCA world;
  • Site visit to a leading organisation for an in-depth hands-on opportunity to learn about project management.


  • Develop robust business cases in financial terms;
  • Appreciate the key distinction between corporate profitability and cash-flow and the consequent implications for long-term value creation;
  • Analyse the financial approaches used to evaluate capital investment decisions;
  • Understand the linkages between managerial decision making and corporate financial performance;
  • Appraise the financial consequences of business decisions and make appropriate decisions on financing options.


  • Understand how to apply the principles of personal effectiveness and persuasion to real-world leadership challenges and opportunities;
  • Examine the drivers of exceptional leaders and how they influence their company and the people around them;
  • Acquire and practice communication skills to strengthen influence and avoid habits and obstacles that can erode impact;
  • Develop a personalised action plan for strengthening personal presence and delivering desired results.

Key Benefits

Upon completion of this programme, participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge to support their organisation’s vision and strategy with a view to driving short-term and long-term performance.

  • Develop a personal vision and personal development plan that reflects enhanced knowledge, capabilities and insight;
  • Expand the capacity to drive cross-functional initiatives and corporate projects;
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of business functions and the key skills necessary to integrate them across the organisation, from working with people and driving growth and innovation right through to executing and delivering results.

Programme Structure

This programme is delivered over a series of 6 two-day workshops within a 10–month period. Workshops are held on Fridays and Saturdays to minimise interference with busy work schedules. The programme structure is designed in order to facilitate busy work/lifestyles and to assist participants with incorporating study into their working lives while enhancing their contribution as a member of the management team.

Assessments and Workload

Assessments and Workload Participants are assessed on a module-by-module basis through a variety of practical assignments. There are no examinations. The emphasis throughout the programme is on the practical application of knowledge to benefit the participant, their team and their organisation.

Who should attend

The Diploma in Advanced Management Performance is designed specifically for managers and functional specialists who have a minimum of 5 years of work experience. Each group of participants represent diverse business functions, companies and industries, helping to broaden your perspective and expand your knowledge.

  • Managers with a minimum of 5 years’ management experience;
  • High-potential mid-level executives ready to assume greater responsibilities;
  • Experienced functional or technical specialists currently transitioning towards general management;
  • General managers, country managers or business unit heads;
  • Managers of large/complex projects across teams, functions or borders

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