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Opportunities and challenges associated with managing digital platforms


Digital technology is pervasive in virtually any aspect of today's modern life. Subsequently, a digital transformation of business and organisation has become part and parcel of any sector and industry regardless of size and orientation. Enabled by various capacities of digital technologies, novel business models have emerged that challenge conventional market wisdom.

Through this course, you will learn about how digital platforms and their technologies transform businesses. You will understand the underlying logic of networked businesses and explore the block chain technology and how it can be used to develop digital businesses. You will be requested to analyse the opportunities and threats of digital platforms for your company and make a presentation.


  • The course is designed to groom highly valued professionals for taking leading roles in the digital transformation in a wide array of industries as well as in the public sector. Subsequently, the course covers the following five topics:
  • The platform economy: Transitioning to digital models
  • The sharing economy: Orchestrating co-creation,
  • The blockchain: Collaboration through vertical and horizon integration
  • The digital workforce: Designing work in the platform economy
  • The mega-platforms: Expanding and scaling through the ecosystem strategy

The course is run by a group of international staff from the Department of Digitalization at CBS who specialize in the digital transformation of businesses:Michel Avital, Professor (The Blockchain), Ioanna Constantiou, Professor (The Sharing Economy), Tina Blegind Jensen, Professor (The Digital Workforce), Chee-Wee Tan, Professor and Xiao Xiao, Ass. Professor (The Mega-Platforms), Jonas Hedman, Ass. Professor and Stefan Henningsson, Ass. Professor (The Platform Economy), Attila Marton, Ass. (The Sharing Economy), and Mari-Klara Stein, Ass. (The Digital Workforce).Please download description of this course in pdf at the top of this page.


Participants of this course will learn about how digital platforms and their enabling technologies transform businesses, as well as how to seize the opportunities and circumvent challenges posed by platform-based businesses.

As part of the case-based teaching approach, participants will analyse the opportunities and threats of digital platforms in their own companies and at the end of the course they should be able to make concrete suggestions about digitally transforming their organisations. This task will be supervised by a mentor from the teaching staff and involves group-discussion with other course participants.

Who should attend

This course is designed for executives, managers, digital officers, business development managers, commercial managers, internal/external process consultants, and other business function managers involved in creating real business benefits with digital technologies. No prerequisite knowledge of information technology is required.

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Jonas Hedman

Presentation Jonas Hedman explores how digitalization transforms businesses and society. His particular empirical focus is the FinTech sector and how technological innovations such as open-api, smart money and block chain shapes the sector. Furthermore, he is also studying the digitalization of ...


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One-Minute Masterclass: Digital Transformation

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